BREAKING: Massey Bridge construction cancelled

Arie Ross
Date: Wed, Sep 6, 2017 

I am sincerely delighted to share this news with you: the costly, controversial Massey tunnel replacement project has been scrapped until further notice. 

With its construction schedule cancelled, the B.C. government can refocus on different and better solutions to ease congestion and help commuters south of the Fraser River. 

This halt will help protect so many people -- including our families and friends living in Delta -- from the devastating effects the river dredging would have caused, not to mention the fallout from U.S. thermal coal-carrying ships the bridge would have cleared the way for. 

I personally will be delighted to pass the construction zone on my way home today knowing there will be no more digging along Highway 99 until a more thorough review has been conducted

Clearly our new B.C. government listened to the concerns of the people in the municipalities affected by this shortsighted project, one that seemed to be aimed more at propping up industry interests rather than those of Delta residents. Together, we have been vocal in our support of protecting the Fraser River and surrounding land, and I’m so grateful to share this win with you

And this is not just a victory for our Beyond Coal campaign. It’s also a victory against the corrupting influence of Big Money in British Columbia. 

We launched our Defend our Farmland campaign last spring, advocating for local food, not fossil fuel exports. But as we dug deeper into this scandalous project, we found out hundreds of thousands of dollars were being channelled from bridge proponents and beneficiaries -- including Fraser Surrey Docks -- to the then-reigning BC Liberal party, possibly to secure their interests in expanding the river to ship (among other things) U.S. thermal coal. 

Today we celebrate the power of local, everyday British Columbians like you. Tomorrow we will continue our call for a Corruption Inquiry1 to find out what decisions have been made under the influence of Big Money. We deserve the facts and will continue to fight for more accountability and transparency in B.C.’s government. 

We could not have achieved this historic win without your diligence and support. For now, I am off to celebrate this win for localized decision-making in my hometown of Tsawwassen. 

Thank you for all you do

Arie, for the entire team at Dogwood