The Energy East pipeline won't get built either

Greenpeace staff

OTTAWA, Oct. 30, 2014 - After TransCanada filed its official application with the National Energy Board today, environmental organizations in Canada and the United States, First Nations and community organizers said the Energy East pipeline will never be built.

"It's not going to happen," said Patrick Bonin of Greenpeace Canada. "Energy East would negate all the good work on climate that has been done at the provincial level, pose a major threat to millions of people's drinking water and disrespect Canadians in Eastern Canada, who care as much as any other Canadian about oil spills contaminating their homes, waterways and livelihoods."

Energy East – extending from Alberta to New Brunswick - would be the longest oil pipeline in North America and the single largest tar sands pipeline, transporting 30 per cent more oil than Keystone XL and double the size of Northern Gateway. TransCanada says its Energy East pipeline would create 1087 direct, long-term jobs, less than Efficiency Nova Scotia, an energy efficiency utility that created 1200 direct, long-term jobs in the past four years, in Nova Scotia alone.