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Social Housing Now
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Social Housing Now

We demand from all levels of government the construction of 5,000 units of new social and public housing per year in the City of Vancouver, and at least 15,000 per year in Metro Vancouver.

Decommodify housing
and protect renters

Further, we demand public acquisition of at least 2,500 units per year of private rental housing. This will undercut the speculative investments from REITs and others who are incentivized to evict or displace existing tenants, and it will remove the split-cost incentive that prevents necessary energy efficiency retrofits. Expansion and retrofitting of newly-decommodified housing is a key part of any Green New Deal.

Enforce Housing as a Human Right: No more barriers to housing.

No more credit checks, arbitrary waitlists and other excuses. Housing is a human right and must be provided to all. Just as with the fight for universal health care, we must demand both the codification and the implementation of the human right to housing

Want to help out? 

Here are 5 simple things you can do, just for starters, to help us win Housing for All! 


Talk to your neighbours and co-workers. Show them this webpage or the poster. We’ll win Housing for All one conversation at a time. 


Put up some of our posters in your neighbourhood or at your workplace! Take a picture and share on social media with the hashtag #HousingForAll 


Join the Vancouver Tenants Union! Renters are getting organized in this city. Join the VTU and find out about their neighbourhood chapters. If you own, or live in a housing co-op, you can donate to support the VTU. Info: 


Tell your local MLA, MP, or city councillor you support the demands of Housing for All. Write them a letter, or better yet book a meeting to talk with them. We need all levels of government to deliver housing for all - no more letting politicians pass the buck! 


Last but not least, you can sign up as a member of the Democratic Socialists of Vancouver, and get involved in our Housing for All working group. Join here: