We took the "COVID-19 East" bus to MPP Thanigasalam

TTCriders · Toronto, ON, Canada

We brought the "Covid-19 East" bus to the office of MPP Vijay Thanigasalam, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Transportation. Check out more photos on Facebook or click here for media coverage of Saturday's rally to fix TTC crowding. 

We heard from Grade 8 student Keerthy Krishnakumar (pictured above), parents, students, and transit riders about why we need more bus service to prevent crowding. 

The TTC is promising full service when ridership reaches 50% of pre-pandemic levels. But that might not happen until October or later. And the TTC said earlier that to allow for physical distancing, it would need to run 100% of service once ridership reached 30% of pre-pandemic levels.1 Ridership on buses is already at 45%.

We need to keep the pressure on for full TTC service now. One way you can help is to join our postering blitz on Thursday September 24th.

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Next Thursday, the TTC Board will vote on a motion to bring back 100% service levels. That's why it's a key moment to push our Councillors and MPPs to fairly fund transit and run as much service as possible. Sign up to poster with us on September 24: 

You can also send a message to your MPP and Toronto Mayor John Tory: 

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If you are seeing crowded or late TTC vehicles on your commute, please share your photos with TTCriders. You can tag us online @ttcriders or email your photos to info@ttcriders.ca. Make sure to note the route, time, date, location, and how long you had to wait. 

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[1] May 13 2020 TTC Board report.

[2] Toronto Star, August 25 2020, When back to school means back to the TTC.


TTCriders · Toronto, ON, Canada