Housing Demonstration Nov.14th 1:30 pm

We are inviting you to attend at 37th Ave. and Oak St.  Vancouver, on Sunday 1:30 pm 14 November 2021.
We will be  demovicted with no chance to come back.
Around 17 affordable rental housing units  will be lost. ( There are 7 side by side duplexes on the west side of  Oak St. from 37th to 38th Avenues, some 8 suites are occupied by owners and 17 are rented.)
The two developers companies Grosvenor and Citymark have proposed to build market Townhouses on this site.
City of Vancouver Planning Dept. made a mistake in 2017/18 by designating this site for  Market Townhouses instead of Apartments like the Shawn Oak site ( 75 apartments  at 5505 Oak St.  to the south) and/or the Apartments on the east side of Oak St. north of 41st Ave.
We are asking that the BC government buy these duplexes and develop affordable rental apartments( with the City of Vancouver and/or a non profit society) The existing tenants would be allowed to come back after the new construction is completed.
NB Please send letters of supporting our proposal to:  David.Eby.MLA@leg.bc.ca ; Michael.Lee.MLA@leg.bc.ca ; George.Heyman.MLA@leg.bc.ca,   Kennedy.Stewar@vancouver.ca



Sunday, November 14, 2021 - 13:30