Irreversible harm to the Fraser River Estuary


More scientific evidence of the eco-destruction that would be caused by construction of Roberts Bank Terminal 2 in the Fraser River Estuary.

Summary of Concerns:
1. Man-made island for containers in the Fraser estuary will destroy globally-significant habitats
2. Eight-year out-of-date Canada/B.C. Environmental Assessment continues under CEAA 2012
3. Failure to provide a cumulative environmental effects assessment of lower Fraser and estuary
4. Failure to incorporate Canadian laws, international designations, agreements, and commitments
5. RBT2 will cause serious changes to the structure and functions of the Fraser River estuary
6. Failure to recognize the domino effect of RBT2 on the food web which supports the ecosystem
7. Failure to assess all 50 species of shorebirds and their dependence on mudflat wetlands
8. RBT2 Assessment ignores decline in Western Sandpiper, listed as a species of High Concern
9. Review Panel Report Conclusions on biofilm and Western Sandpiper contravene legislation
10. Unproven claims that biofilm food web can be compensated elsewhere
11. Modeling limitations led to erroneous conclusions on fish, including endangered Chinook salmon
12. No cumulative effects assessment on fish and failure to incorporate Chinook salmon at risk
13. RBT2 threatens survival of 75 remaining endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW)
14. Failure to assess subtidal wetlands and cumulative effects on wetlands and wetland functions
15. Failure to assess cumulative effects on coastal birds, and dismissal of residual adverse effects
16. Nineteen ‘species at risk’, including Barn Owl and Great Blue Heron, not assessed under SARA
17. Increased air, noise, and light pollution that threatens human health cannot be mitigated
18. Harm to lower Fraser River and estuary from RBT2 cannot be mitigated
19. RBT2 is not needed as the west coast container business will have capacity without RBT2
20. Do Canadians want to harm the Fraser River estuary for US-bound containers from Asia?
21. Only 10% of incoming containers are for Vancouver area; container laden exports are flat
22. Is a government agency Proponent, the Port of Vancouver, receiving preferential treatment?

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