Perspectives on a Green New Deal

Start: Thursday, March 11, 2021 • 7:30 PM • Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London (GMT+00:00)

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Join Kate Aronoff, Avi Lewis, Tina Ngata, Harsha Walia and Jale Samuwai to discuss the upcoming illustrated book ‘Perspectives on a Global Green New Deal’, published by RLS & The Leap, and curated by Dalia Gebrial and Harpreet Kaur Paul.

Promises of a 'Green New Deal' (GND) have captured the imagination of climate activists, scholars and policymakers across Europe and North America. In combining the struggle against climate breakdown with the fight for economic and social justice, the GND framing makes a long overdue case for a holistic, proactive economic, social, cultural and political response to climate change in the Global North.

However, what would it mean for the GND to work on a global level? How can we think beyond the boundaries of national politics, in favour of a truly transnational approach? What would it take for the transition to democratic, decarbonised, resilient and reparative systems to work for the global many, not the few?

Unless grounded in principles of global justice, the promise of green jobs and infrastructure in the Global North could simply mean a continuation of colonial patterns of inequality and exploitation around the world.

Global Perspectives on a Green New Deal tackles these questions head on. Harpreet Kaur Paul and Dalia Gebrial bring together the insights of climate justice experts from around the world, to explore the key principles that will define the future of any equitable and just global green new deal.


Kate Aronoff (@katearonoff) is co-author of A Planet to Win: Why we need a Green New Deal (2019) and author of Overheated: How Capitalism broke the planet and how we fight back (2021). She is a staff writer at The New Republic, and her work has appeared in The Intercept, The New York Times, The Nation, Dissent, Rolling Stone, The Guardian and other outlets. She tweets at @katearonoff.

Tina Ngata ( is the author of Kia Mau: Resisting Colonial Fictions (2019) and a contributor to Perspectives on a Global Green New Deal (2021). She is a Ngāti Porou advocate living in her ancestral homelands in Aotearoa (New Zealand), and works on local, national and international initiatives that highlight the role of settler colonialism in issues like climate change and waste pollution, and promote Indigenous conservation as best practice for a globally sustainable future. She previously blogged under ‘The Non-Plastic Māori’, and her work can now be found at

Dr Jale Samuwai is the Economic Justice lead at Oxfam in the Pacific. He holds a PhD in Climate Change from the University of the South Pacific (USP), where his thesis explored the issue of climate finance in the region. As well as contributing to a range of academic journals, his work has appeared in outlets such as Al Jazeera English. He is also a contributor to Perspectives on a Global Green New Deal (2021). He tweets at @SamuwaiJale.

Avi Lewis (@avilewis) is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, journalist and lecturer in Journalism and Media studies at Rutgers University. His films include This Changes Everything (2015), the Emmy-nominated short film A Message from the Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (2019) and its sequel A Message from the Future II: The Years of Repair with Opal Tometi. In 2017, he co-founded and is now Strategic Director of The Leap - an organization launched to upend our collective response to the crises of climate, inequality and racism. He also kindly contributed the epilogue to Perspectives on a Global Green New Deal (2021). He tweets at @avilewis.

Harsha Walia (@harshawalia) is author of Undoing Border Imperialism (2013) and Border and Rule: Global Migration, Capitalism and the Rise of Racist Nationalism (2021). She has organized across multiple feminist, anti-racist, anti-colonial and anti-capitalist campaigns, including No One is Illegal, the Women’s Memorial March and the Olympic Resistance Network. She was recently appointed as the Executive Director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association. She tweets at @harshawalia.

Dalia Gebrial (@daliagebrial) is co-curator of Perspectives on a Global Green New Deal (2021), and co-author of Empire’s Endgame: Racism and the British State (2021). She is a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics, where she researches race and the digital gig economy, and an Associate Researcher at Autonomy UK. She previously worked at People & Planet as a campaigns lead for migrants rights campaign Undoing Borders and fossil fuel divestment campaign Fossil Free. She has contributed to outlets like The Times, The Telegraph, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Vice, Novara Media and New Internationalist. She tweets @daliagebrial.

Harpreet Kaur Paul (@harpreetkpaul) is co-curator of Perspectives on a Global Green New Deal (2021). She is also a PhD candidate at University of Warwick Department of Law, where her research focuses on climate justice for loss and damage. She has previously worked at Global Policy Forum, Amnesty International, Redress, People & Planet and Electronics Watch. She was lead author for the recent ActionAid report ‘Market mechanisms for loss and damage climate finance fail human rights test (2019) and a lead contributor to the Civil Society Review (2019) report ‘Can climate change fuelled loss & damage ever be fair? She tweets at @harpreetkpaul.

Thursday, March 11, 2021 - 11:30