2nd Anniversary Celebration of Re-Occupation in St'at'imc territory: March 16, 2017

2nd Anniversary Celebration of Re-Occupation in St'at'imc territory: March 16, 2017

You are invited to celebrate the 2nd anniversay of the reoccupation of Junction Creek and creation of a Voice for the Voiceless Camp. The camp was renamed Ulluilsc in 2016 to mark the beginning of a new village. Ulluilsc translates to "gathering place" describing the cultural significance of the area.

Everyone is Welcome ♥ Thursday March 16th 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Please try to arrive in time for lunch at 12:00PM
Deer stew, tswan(fish) soup and bannock will be served.
Bring your own bowl, cup & chair!

The* Voice for the Voiceless Camp* at Ulluilsc in St'at'imc territory is a site of resistance and re-occupation nearing its second anniversary. In its two years of existence the "camp" and its supporters and occupants have halted logging, poaching and harmful use of the land in it's care.

 In this short time, a small cabin, root cellar, garden beds, sweat lodge, accessible out house, smoke house/teepee, greenhouse, and outdoor kitchen have been built with community support and your funds. Dozens of people have traveled to the camp to connect, learn and stand against destructive logging and stand for sovereign St'at'imc land rights. Many more have supported over social media. Momentum is growing in year two and the upcoming projects require resources.

 This year, Christine Jack, the main re-occupier is planning to host numerous gatherings and continue to build what is becoming a self sustaining village. A womens' gathering and an "all others" gathering (two-spirits, trans, queer) are planned for the summer and various workshops are being decided upon. Projects for this year include a bunkhouse, clearing and prep for an s7istken (traditional pit house), a water system, an arbor for meetings and more. Without continued support these important projects and gatherings cannot happen, please consider donating if you are able!

The 2nd anniversary is on March 16th at the site (50kms west of Lillooet).
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Please consider supporting the Anniversary celebration financially:
Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 09:00