Letter: I'm disgusted by the BC NDP's flip-flop on LNG

Catherine Wallace / Burnaby Now

APRIL 17, 2019

An open letter to the BC NDP:

You were elected at a very unique time in our human story. You had the opportunity to make a gigantic difference.  Your legacy could have been celebrated for decades to come. The realization of an innovative and enlightened future was yours to reveal and make possible. But you didn’t do that. 

In 2017 the citizens of B.C. voted for change. 

We heard you argue against the Liberal government, against Christy Clark’s LNG dream. 

I was overjoyed that you could see the lunacy of expanding the fossil fuel industry at this time. I am disgusted by this about face. You took us to the exact place we voted to get out of.

No matter what good things you do now or later, nothing will come close to the destruction of our future that you approved last week. 

Shame on all of you.

The B.C. LNG industry means at least four more decades of fracking. Forty more years of poisoning vast amounts of fresh water, shooting it into the earth at enormous pressure to extract a fossil fuel that is 30 to 80 times more damaging to our atmosphere than CO2.

This industry has to shut down, not expand. Our house is already on fire, why are you dousing it with gasoline?

Catherine Wallace