Thirteen proposed LNG projects equivalent to 13 times current BC emissions

Barry Saxifrage

The BC government says it is "taking an aggressive approach" to jump start a gigantic new fossil fuel industry in the province -- Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). Thirteen major projects have been proposed so far. The yearly climate pollution resulting from these 13 LNG projects would be:

  • 13 times BC's current emissions
  • 175 tonnes of CO2 per British Columbian
  • 75 per cent more than the tarsands today
  • over 800 million tonnes of CO2

At the federal level, Canada's Ministry of Unrestrained Climate Misery -- formerly known as the National Energy Board (NEB) -- has already granted full export approval for eleven of the projects and rejected none. It's a big thumbs up to extracting 40 tonnes of additional fossil carbon per British Columbian, every year.