Burnaby KM Tank Farm - TOXIC TOUR (and IntersAction)


Friday, March 24 at 1:30 PM - 5 PM

Intersection of Gaglardi and Burnaby Mountain Parkway

Burnaby Burning Man!

Toxic Tours: 1:30 - 5:00pm
IntersAction: 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Federal and Provincial governments have all but ignored the fire and other health and life safety risks associated with the Kinder Morgan Tank Farm oil storage depot. By keeping quiet and not properly responding to the concerns of multiple experts and the community, they hope the issues will fade from view. 

Where exactly is this tank farm and what are the risks? Why have the Burnaby Fire Department and the President of SFU and so many others clearly stated that this project presents UNACCEPTABLE RISK to the community. Join the IntersAction and Tank Farm Tour to become more informed about the tank farm and to RAISE YOUR VOICE demanding this project not proceed.

Join a guided walking tour around the perimeter of the The Kinder Morgan tank farm in Burnaby which is located near the intersections of Gaglardi and Burnaby Mountain Parkway, just a few hundred metres from Simon Fraser University. 

You can also participate in the IntersAction rally and information sessions at the intersection of Gaglardi and Burnaby Mountain Parkway. Stay tuned for more information about shuttles taking people to and from the site from SFU and nearest bus stops.

Here are a few quotes about the tank farm:
“We oppose the tank farm expansion on the basis that the risks to health and life and safety are simply far too high. This project is completely unacceptable to the Fire Department” 
Chris Bowcock, Deputy Fire Chief, City of Burnaby Fire Department

“Any increase in risks to the health and safety of the SFU community resulting from this expansion is unacceptable to the University,” says Petter. “The risks identified in this report are significant and deeply concerning.” Andrew Petter, President of SFU.

“Dr. Vince’s analysis showed that if the tank farm was expanded to include 13 more storage tanks (for a total of 26), the annual risk of such a fire would be one in 2,000. ‘One in 2,000 sounds like a small chance, but it is much too high under the circumstances,...British authorities would not approve a proposal like Kinder Morgan’s that lies so close to a residential neighbourhood’“ Ivan Vince, a U.K.-based expert on tank-farm accidents quoted in Globe & Mail May 2015

From detailed reports and information regarding the tank farm risks, go to:www.350Vancouver.org/KMtankfarm

Stand up for Public Safety!

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Friday, March 24, 2017 - 13:30