Climate/Capitalism feed

Posted: 04/06/20
Greenhouse gas in atmosphere continues accelerating, reaching the highest concentration ever recorded in May 2020.
Posted: 31/05/20
Reading in lockdown … The Life of V. Gordon Childe; The Tragedy of US Science; Four Billion Years of Life; Marx and Climate Crisis; Tell the Bosses We’re Coming; Essays on Red Rosa
Posted: 21/05/20
‘Previous studies projected that this would happen several decades from now, but this shows it’s happening right now’
Posted: 16/05/20
Covid-19 exposes capitalism’s gross inability to meet human needs. We must demand immediate measures to help people survive and recover.
Posted: 09/05/20
Every degree of global warming will push a billion people out of the human survival zone
Posted: 08/05/20
How pigs became commodities and key elements of the interlocked social, economic and political institutions of US capitalism.
Posted: 04/05/20
Activists from four continents plan activity, elect steering committee, and call for solidarity with the workers who are risking their lives for us all
Posted: 04/05/20
Ocean currents create ‘microplastic hotspots’ with up to 1.9 million pieces per square metre
Posted: 25/04/20
Six important new books: The Return of Nature … Deaths of Despair … Rebel Cinderella … August Bebel … The Green New Deal and Beyond … The Triumph of Doubt
Posted: 22/04/20
Global food price increases could be worse than in the 2008 crisis, causing major shortages and increased malnutrition in the global south.