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Posted: 18/08/17
‘Planet Haliburton’ is a twice-monthly program on Canoe-FM in Haliburton Ontario. Hosts  Greg Roe and Terry Moore  interviewed Climate & Capitalism editor Ian Angus on August 14, 2017.
Posted: 18/08/17
Science, schmience. Now the elitists want us to buy special glasses. Don’t fall for their lies! by Peter Dykstra, The Daily Climate Scientists who claim some training in the workings of the human eye are all over the Main Stream Media, insisting that the eclipse can only be viewed through a list of viewing devices that […]
Posted: 10/08/17
The new State of the Climate report confirms that 2016 was as the warmest year in 137 years of record-keeping. Other climate indicators that set new records include greenhouse gas concentrations, sea level, and sea surface temperature. 
Posted: 10/08/17
Six new books on climate change and neoliberalism, movement strategy, surviving the Anthropocene, science and religion, Gaia, and energy security
Posted: 04/08/17
We now face the challenge of changing the world in the context of impending environmental disaster on a global scale. That’s reality in our time.
Posted: 02/08/17
Al Gore, the perfect spokesperson for the liberal approach to  climate change, simply cannot see that neoliberal logic prevents our current institutions from addressing the crisis.
Posted: 31/07/17
Paul Burkett and John Bellamy Foster answer left-green critics of ecological Marxism with a detailed study of what the founders of historical materialism actually wrote and thought about humanity’s present and future relationship to the earth
Posted: 29/07/17
Scientists find irreversible changes that have no precedent in the 4.54 billion years of Earth history, caused by new human-made materials
Posted: 23/07/17
Every year, 361,000 children under 5 years die due to diseases caused by poor sanitation and contaminated water
Posted: 21/07/17
South African activist Patrick Bond says we need to generate international solidarity for climate justice by imposing popular sanctions against Trump and US corporations.