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Posted: 16/05/18

Ecomodernists claim material growth can continue indefinitely  without environmental damage. Degrowth advocate Jason Hickel says their arguments ignore both evidence and logic.
Posted: 14/05/18

The Big Bad Fix powerfully exposes the dangers of deliberate climate modification, and presents alternatives. A deeper focus on fighting the fossil industry would strengthen the argument.
Posted: 14/05/18

At a time when the activist left is weak and divided, it’s vital to focus on common goals and principles, rather than obsessing over difference and division
Posted: 10/05/18

Global warming gets toxic: The number of people who will lose sewage treatment could be five times more than those directly affected by flooding
Posted: 09/05/18

On every scale, from the smallest cells to the entire planet, the essential elements of life are constantly used and re-used. Biogeochemical cycles are the basis of the biosphere.
Posted: 07/05/18

Environmentalism of the Rich, A Scientist’s Fight for a Nuclear Test Ban, Limits to Capitalist Nature, Cocoa, Extracting Profit from Africa, Indigenous Struggles in Peru
Posted: 02/05/18

Marx saw the rift between people and naure not only as a primary failing of capitalism, but also as a mechanism through which capitalism may be superseded.
Posted: 01/05/18

Why wasn’t Marx’s concept of metabolic rift recognized until recently? Changed circumstances, unpublished works, and bad translations all played a role.
Posted: 30/04/18

Despite being consistently discredited, overpopulation ideology resurfaces with the same predictable regularity as capitalist crises. Only Marxism offers a clear alternative.
Posted: 24/04/18

If you’ve ever wondered what a scientific representation of metabolic rift might look like, check out this graph.