Climate/Capitalism feed

Posted: 24/11/18
Summary of major U.S. government report that warns of major threats to human health and safety, quality of life, and economic growth
Posted: 20/11/18
Study says bacteria develop antibiotic resistance up to 100,000 times faster when exposed to the world’s most widely used herbicides, Roundup and Kamba 
Posted: 20/11/18
Detailed maps show worldwide land degradation, including the deforestation that is now forcing migrants to leave Guatemala and Honduras
Posted: 13/11/18
A superb popular account of what’s wrong with capitalism and what working people must do to get rid of it. Highly recommended!
Posted: 12/11/18
Many socialists have contributed to the debate on Marxism, nature, and value, strengthening our common understanding of the enemy we face and the movement we must build.
Posted: 09/11/18
A valuable invention is massively misused in the service of profit, producing unprecedented waste and pollution. How can we stop the plastic plague?
Posted: 07/11/18
‘Seafood caught illegally or under conditions of modern slavery is laundered by mixing it with legally caught fish before it enters the supply chain.’
Posted: 06/11/18
In ‘Burning Up’ Simon Pirani shows why fossil fuel consumption has grown so fast, and why only radical social change can prevent climate disaster now
Posted: 04/11/18
A bumper crop! Eight new books on biofuels, nutrition fraud, imperialism, post-capitalism, indigenous sovereignty, coral reefs, moral economists, and chicken
Posted: 03/11/18
By failing to name the system responsible, the new Living Planet report undermines its own call for a collective response to the biodiversity crisis.