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Posted: 20/09/18
Climate & Capitalism will resume publication on October 1, 2018.                
Posted: 11/09/18
Some environmentalists want both nuclear power and renewables. Richard Seymour says that’s an evasion. We must choose, and the choice isn’t easy.
Posted: 10/09/18
New books for reds and greens. Three centuries of factories; Holland in the Little Ice Age; Thinking in deep time; Horizontal Gene Transfer; The physics of evolution
Posted: 09/09/18
How a giant industry that plunders the seas for tiny fish is reinforcing unsustainable industrial agriculture
Posted: 08/09/18
New research: Each one degree rise in global temperature will increase insect-driven losses to rice, corn and wheat crops by 10 to 25 percent
Posted: 06/09/18
The ecological insights of degrowth theory are undermined by blindspots about renewability, agriculture, unalienated labor, and the power of our enemies 
Posted: 04/09/18
On the precipice of disaster, we have vast numbers of potential allies. All our differences pale next to the overwhelming urgency of our common task.
Posted: 30/08/18
Geoengineering is a political technology, part of institutional apparatus that is preventing effective climate action and delaying structural change
Posted: 29/08/18
A radical biologist replies to an ecomodernist who ignores the social roots of environmental crises
Posted: 26/08/18
In ‘Energy: A Human History,’ Richard Rhodes trivializes the menace of nuclear power and plunges into the abyss of ecomodernist technobabble.