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Posted: 27/04/17
On the eve of the Peoples Climate March, we look back at three major statements that have shaped the global ecosocialist movement
Posted: 27/04/17
In addition to his major contributions to the theory and practice of organic chemistry, the Red Chemist authored the first history of the subject, a book written from the standpoint of historical materialism.
Posted: 25/04/17
As Trump stops climate action and Trudeau promotes tar sands, atmospheric carbon dioxide reaches highest levels in millions of years.
Posted: 21/04/17

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Posted: 18/04/17
Richard Seymour on the world that is being destroyed and environmental melancholy: ‘We despair, but we do not submit.’
Posted: 11/04/17
The climate movement is central, but we have to fight on all fronts, combining broad defense of human rights and opposition to war and imperialism, with the fight to save Earth as a place of human habitation.
Posted: 10/04/17
Martin Empson reviews an important book for activists, a frightening examination of the impact of industrial agriculture on the environment, and particularly biodiversity.
Posted: 05/04/17
With all the damage that the capitalists have done to the people through their misuse of science, can you create a science that is truly human? Can we work collectively to defend life and humanity?
Posted: 03/04/17
Carl Shorlemmer’s contributions to chemistry were described in this biographical note, published 99 years ago. And there is a statue of him in Germany.
Posted: 31/03/17
Ian Angus’s new book of ‘essential debates at the intersections of socialism and science’ will be available soon. Here’s what some early readers say about it.