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Posted: 25/02/18

Five important books on famines and world hunger, on Ebola and other deadly epidemics that spread from animals to people, and on the pesticide poisons in our food.
Posted: 22/02/18

Following my review of The Progress of This Storm, a reader comments on a philosophical fad that is ‘burning through academia faster than a forest fire’
Posted: 19/02/18

Andreas Malm’s powerful critique of current environmental philosophies puts historical materialism and cutting-edge science at the center of a call for militant action
Posted: 15/02/18

Facing the Anthropocene, by Ian Angus, will soon be available in French, published by Éditions Écosociété
Posted: 05/02/18

The author of ‘Fossil Capital’ and ‘The Progress of This Storm’ says there are reasons to be hopeful, but success depends on building a global movement of unprecedented scale 
Posted: 05/02/18

World Bank report shows massive depletion of Africa’s natural wealth by transnational corporations. Only mass action can block the extractivist plunder
Posted: 03/02/18

Fred Magdoff and Chris Williams make a powerful case that ecological disaster can be only be overcome by a revolutionary transformation on socialist principles
Posted: 31/01/18

UK climate scientists say that warming in at least one year in the next five could blow past the target set in the Paris Accord. 
Posted: 31/01/18

Relying on markets and corporate responses to the climate crisis will not work, because profits always come first
Posted: 30/01/18

The Marxist author of The Self-managing Environment rejected techno-fixes for environmental crises and exposed the fallacies of populationism