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Posted: 09/12/17

Six new books on democratic eco-socialism, war and the environment, genes and intelligence, climate change and the Roman Empire, the little ice age in North America, and views of the Anthropocene
Posted: 03/12/17

In ‘A Redder Shade of Green,’ did Ian Angus unfairly criticize people who believe overpopulation is a major environmental problem?
Posted: 30/11/17

Long term research by German ecologists proves that loss of biodiversity has “direct, unpleasant consequences for mankind.”
Posted: 28/11/17

A biology professor says the sixth mass extinction is no big deal because other species will evolve to fill in the gaps. History, ecology and ethics say he’s dead wrong.
Posted: 26/11/17

Video: John Bellamy Foster on “Marx’s ‘Capital’ and the Earth” — political economy and the materialist understanding of nature
Posted: 24/11/17

C&C published E.B. White’s 1933 poem six years ago, to mark the 125th anniversary of Diego Rivera’s birth. We repeat it now to mark the 60th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century.
Posted: 16/11/17

‘It is now time for the industry most responsible to pay for the damage it has caused, and for vulnerable countries worst affected to receive the financial assistance they so urgently need’
Posted: 15/11/17

Eight years after the great recession supposedly ended, global inequality continues to deepen, exposing claims that “wealth trickles down” and “a rising tide raises all boats” as class-based lies.
Posted: 09/11/17
Two recent studies show how dangerous heatwaves can be, and how global warming will put three-quarters of humanity at risk by 2100. “We are running out of choices.”
Posted: 09/11/17
“Our call for system change is urgent because the damage is growing. Commons, including land, forests and water, must be protected and restored to the people. We need to work together with our allies to be prepared for climate change.”