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Posted: 20/03/17
Accounts of Marx and Engels’s lives ignore Carl Schorlemmer’s influence on their studies of the natural sciences. It is time to acknowledge his rightful place in the socialist tradition.
Posted: 20/03/17
CO2 growth rate sets new record in 2015-16. Increase in the past ten years is 100 to 200 times as fast as the increase that ended the last ice age
Posted: 19/03/17
For four billion years, one formula summarized global change. That has changed in just four decades, and if we don’t act quickly, human civilization may not survive.
Posted: 13/03/17
“Climate change is far more than a technological issue. It poses the fundamental question of a global alternative to this mode of production.”
Posted: 11/03/17
Twenty million people face imminent death from starvation and famine. Many more will suffer and die from disease. These are the people that Trump is targeting.
Posted: 08/03/17
New research proves that the countries least responsible for global warming, those least able to adapt, have already been hit much harder by deadly extremes than rich nations — and the gap is growing
Posted: 07/03/17
Climate catastrophe can only be averted if people around the globe unite in the biggest, broadest, most effective global social movement the world has ever seen
Posted: 06/03/17
Three important new books on the growing global environmental crisis, and two that mark the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution
Posted: 22/02/17
Climate & Capitalism will resume its normal publishing schedule in the week of March 6.  
Posted: 18/02/17
“We need an internationalist perspective of climate justice that recognizes that we are all a part of the global ecosystem. We can only resolve climate change by achieving climate justice. None of us are free, until we are all free.”