Organizing Meeting to plan April 29th March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate

Hi folks.  Please use/modify this to reach out to key activists and organizations that you know to invite them to next week's organizing meeting.  Although a major part of the messaging will be opposition to Tar Sands Expansion it is important that we reach out to organizations fighting Site C, Petronas and other LNG related struggles across the province.

Organizing Meeting to plan April 29th March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate
Wednesday, March 8th
Room A347 - Langara College
7:00 to 9:00pm
On April 29th thousands across Turtle Island (North America) will March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate.  Sparked by opposition to Donald Trump's climate change denying administration grassroots climate actions groups across Canada have taken up the call for climate action on April 29th to Stop Tar Sands expansion and Start the Transition to a socially just, green economy now.  Green Jobs, Justice for First Nations and Climate Action Now!  
In Vancouver Climate Convergence is calling climate justice groups across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley to join us for an organizing meeting next Wednesday to discuss how we can coordinate a successful mass action(s) on April 29th and plan a possible week of actions and events beginning on Earth Day and culminating in a mass mobilization on April 29th.  We hope to build on the successful model used to organize November 19th and establish committees for planning various aspects of this mobilization including Art and Materials, Action, Mobilization etc.
Here is the event page for A29 in Vancouver.  A national event page listing actions across country will be going up soon.  Many details including graphics are still being worked out and will be updated as we confirm them.  Please feel free to start getting the word out now and share/invite on Facebook:
Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 19:00