Youth Strike in Burnaby - Tomorrow at 1:00pm!

Youth have risen around the world, Canada and B.C. in response to the greatest threat to their future: the climate crisis. Tomorrow school students from Burnaby are standing shoulder to shoulder with strikers around the world with a clear demand: Take the climate crisis seriously, now!

Will you join with youth strikers tomorrow to demand that Burnaby city council tackles the climate crisis?

Change starts at home. Right now Burnaby’s emission reduction targets sit at 5% by 2041 - far below the IPCC recommended targets of 45% by 2030, 65% by 2040 and 100% by 2050. Young people have had enough. It is their future on the line so why isn't the City of Burnaby taking it seriously? Tomorrow youth strikers and Force of Nature activists will demand that Burnaby City Council tackles the climate crisis and adopts the IPCC greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

And change is possible. On Tuesday, Port Moody became the sixth council Force of Nature have worked with to adopt the IPCC climate targets. And here in Burnaby young people give us hope. They understand that change is going to come, in fact it has to come! We can meet higher emission reduction targets. Burnaby can expand and prioritize clean, more frequent public transportation. Our city can improve walking and cycling networks with streets dedicated to people and local business and make major improvements to our homes. We know this new generation of activists will one day inherit the world, but what world will that be?

We must change now, for their futures sake! We know political will can be influenced by public support and grassroots community organizing. That’s why we’re taking action, and we need you. Will you join us to support youth strikers tomorrow?

WHAT: YOUTH CLIMATE STRIKE: We are working with Burnaby high school students to hold a strike for climate and to ask Council and staff to declare climate emergency and adopt higher climate targets.

WHEN: Friday, June 14th: 1:00pm-3:00pm

WHERE: Burnaby City Hall - meeting on north facing front steps

CREATE: Your own climate-positive signs, letters to city council asking them to adopt IPCC targets as a minimum and to declare climate emergency.

Together, we can secure the future for Burnaby’s youth. Let’s show Burnaby we want clean, beautiful and safe communities, now!

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Jake Hubley - Force of Nature

Friday, June 14, 2019 - 13:00