AFN National Youth Council calls for Executive and Chiefs to take stand against Kinder Morgan pipeline

Assembly of First Nations National Youth Council
First Nations Youth at protest camp


AFN National Youth Council calls for Executive and Chiefs to take stand against Kinder Morgan pipeline

Open letter comes during AFN elections, Trans Mountain buyout deadline

July 25, 2018, Unceded Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver BC) - The Assembly of First Nations National Youth Council (AFN-NYC) has released a letter to the AFN Executive and Chiefs in Assembly, calling for the assembly to refocus efforts on protecting lands and waters, prioritizing health and safety, and supporting youth in the fight against the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

The letter comes during the AFN Annual General Assembly in Vancouver, as the assembly elects the National Chief of the AFN, and just one day after Kinder Morgan’s buyer deadline has passed ‒ taking Canada one step closer to owning the tar sands pipeline and tanker project.

"When Indigenous young people are publicly stating that these oil pipelines are a danger to their lives and unceded territories, then it is the responsibility of Indigenous leadership to act on those concerns," said Darian Landray Lonechild, AFN-NYC Female Co-Chair.

The Assembly of First Nations National Youth Council have pledged their support for the frontline Indigenous communities fighting the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline at the Coast Salish Watch House. In doing so, the AFN-NYC have called on AFN leadership to recognize that it is young Indigenous people leading the fight for a climate safe future, and that inaction on the part of the AFN is unacceptable. The council is made up of youth leaders from First Nations across Canada.

The letter (available in full here) has been signed by all 19 members of the AFN-NYC with 3 specific calls to action:

  1. Refocus efforts on the sacred duties of protecting our lands and waters, ensuring a future for our young ones, and respecting our teachings.
  2. Prioritize the safety and health of our young peoples, and those yet unborn, over the supposed monetary gain.
  3. Support the young peoples and the direction they want to take when looking for alternative solutions.


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For more information contact:

Darian Landray Lonechild, AFN-NYC Female Co-Chair / Female Saskatchewan Representative: 306-227-1014

Shikuan Malekesh-shetush, AFN-NYC Male Co-Chair / Quebec and Labrador Male Representative: 418-409-5696

Kiana Cardinal, AFN-NYC Executive / Female Alberta Representative: 780-819-9174

Mark Hill, AFN-NYC Executive / Ontario Male Representative: 519-732-2905