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Brent Patterson
Photos: Prime Minister Trudeau addresses the United Nations in September 2016, the RCMP raid Wet’suwet’en territory in January 2019.


If the Canadian government continues to enable the criminalization of Indigenous land defenders opposed to fossil fuel megaprojects, it will continue to miss the carbon emission reduction targets it has pledged at United Nations climate summits.

Former prime minister Jean Chrétien, now 87, appeared on the Radio-Canada talk show Tout le Monde en Parle on Sunday night. (Radio-Canada)
First Nations leaders


Robert A. Hackett
BC NDP Premier John Horgan on the campaign trail last year. His political history showed him environmental policy is ‘all about cutting deals, not pursuing ideals,’ concludes one veteran journalist. Photo by Jonathan Hayward, the Canadian Press.

The daunting tale retold of social democrats' dilemma--whether to keep trying to reform what two centuries of evidence shows cannot be reformed or to recognize that the task is to replace the global capitalist socio-economic system before it's too late! And no, I don't think that's going to be simple, which reinforces the urgency. The various scientific deadlines for effective, collective action to counter climate disruption impacts (and other systemic crises) mean we are limited to a half-dozen more electoral cycles.....give or take...

        -- Gene McGuckin

Elisa J. Sobo, Michael Lambert, Valerie Lambert
A portion of a map that erases the borders Colonial powers drew, and shows instead the Indigenous territories, treaties and languages of North America. Native Land Digital, CC BY-SA

October 7, 2021

Many events these days begin with land acknowledgments: earnest statements acknowledging that activities are taking place, or institutions, businesses and even homes are built, on land previously owned by Indigenous peoples.

And many organizations now call on employees to incorporate such statements not only at events but in email signatures, videos, syllabuses and so on. Organizations provide resources to facilitate these efforts, including pronunciation guides and video examples.


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