'Alternative' energy and less energy

Bruce Campbell
Sign - Capitalism caused this Climate Catastrophe

Nov. 28, 2023

The UN climate summit—hosted this year by the United Arab Emirates, a major oil producer—begins Thursday in Dubai. It will review the progress on countries’ 2015 Paris Agreement commitments toward limiting rising global temperature to 2 C, preferably 1.5 C, above pre-industrial levels. It will also define what new commitments countries can agree on to avoid planetary catastrophe.

Amanda Stephenson
A flare stack lights the sky from the Imperial Oil refinery in Edmonton on Dec. 28, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson

“This (IEA) report is a stunning rebuke to all the Canadian oil executives and politicians claiming that they can simply slap on some government-funded carbon capture and continue with business as usual in a world rapidly weaning itself off of oil and gas," said Keith Stewart, senior energy strategist for Greenpeace Canada, in an email Thursday.

Nov. 23, 2023

Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood and Marc Lee
Chrystia Freeland

Nov. 21, 2023

Despite plummeting public opinion polls, the federal Liberals made only a half-hearted attempt to turn the page in a fall fiscal update marked by economic restraint.

The feds are putting housing measures on display, but actual new public spending on that front is marginal. Elsewhere, the government found $3 billion in “refocused” government spending that may signal public service cuts to come. Altogether, the fiscal update is an uninspiring response to the myriad crises confronting the country.

John Woodside & Natasha Bulowski
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland at the 2023 Budget. File photo by Natasha Bulowski

“At the end of the day, that’s still counting on the market … to build out these industries and then hoping the benefits trickle down to workers and to communities and to people,” he said. But Mertins-Kirkwood stressed the crux of the issue is time. “If we had 100 years to decarbonize, I’d say it’s better to take it slow and let the market figure it out, but every month counts right now.”

Nov. 21, 2023

Chris Pollon
Chris Pollon is dwarfed by the EV version of the Ford F-150 Lightning, which is not only big — it's heavy. Photo submitted

Nov. 17, 2023

North Americans love driving SUVs and big pickup trucks as passenger vehicles — a trend expected to continue as drivers replace their fossil-fuel rides with electrics. But is it possible to drive a big electric truck and be green at the same time?

In early November, I arranged to test drive a Ford F-150 Lightning — the EV version of North America’s bestselling pickup. Not because I need a truck, but to better understand the real cost of this behemoth on the world.


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