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United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain shakes hands with a union member before marching in the Detroit Labor Day Parade on September 4, 2023., (Bill Pugliano / Getty Images)

Sept. 24, 2023

Today the UAW is making headlines for an energetic strike, helmed by new leadership that doesn’t shy away from the language of class war. It’s happening, in large part, because a small group of workers got together four years ago to reform their union

What can we learn from the new militancy in the United Auto Workers (UAW)?

Aldyn Chwelos, Kristen de Jager and Paul Voll
‘We shouldn’t be working in this.’ Tree planters say that industry pressures trap them in unsafely polluted settings. Illustration by Nora Kelly.

Sept. 18, 2023

As the job hazard grows across Canada, protections fail to keep up. A Tyee and Climate Disaster Project special report.

Athick grey haze brewed above Alberta’s Slave Lake region in the summer of 2021. Seth Forward thrust his shovel into the earth to carve a home for green-needled seedlings. The heat and swarms of horseflies plagued him. But as Forward planted tree after tree, he was more concerned with the dark sky and acrid smell in the air.

Zak Vescera
Current controls only limit increases while the same tenant lives in an apartment. Photo by Darryl Dyck, the Canadian Press.

Sept. 14, 2023

Owners would no longer be allowed unlimited increases if a tenant leaves or is evicted.

John Clarke
Book cover

"However, the fundamental issue that must be decided is whether a green socialism is to be attained by incremental modification of capitalism and its state, or the taking of power by the working class. In truth, Rosa Luxemburg’s differences with Eduard Bernstein, on the matter of “Reform or Revolution” and the nature of the capitalist state are still very relevant in the development of an ecosocialist project."


Sept.10, 2023  

Zak Vescera
Consular officials and non-profits say a huge share of migrant farmworkers live in housing that doesn’t meet the province’s regulations. Photo for The Tyee by Zak Vescera.

Sept. 7, 2023

Inadequate oversight and ALR rules blamed for widespread inadequate housing.

Chad Pawson
A large, old western red cedar on Meares Island off the west coast of Vancouver Island near Tofino. (Jens Wieting/Sierra Club B.C.)

Aug. 29, 2023

Forest management in region since so-called War of the Woods should be model for rest of B.C., critics say

The Sierra Club of B.C. says the logging of large old trees in verdant, biodiverse forests on Vancouver Island has continued mostly unabated in the 30 years since one of the biggest acts of civil disobedience in Canadian history.

Lawrence Martin
Gantry cranes sit idle as a container ship is docked at the Port of Vancouver on July 19. DARRYL DYCK/THE CANADIAN PRESS

Aug. 30, 2023

An important point that some of us have overlooked: Canada will come under increasing pressure to market fossil fuels to other nations to balance our trade accounts!!! 

              - Gene (Vancouver Ecosocialists)

In Canada, which is heavily trade-dependent, free trade has been popular for several decades. For Conservative or Liberal governments, inking a new pact was reflexively hailed as a big achievement.


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