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Luke Ottenhof
20 Feb 2021
The Globe and Mail (Ottawa/Quebec Edition)
Luke Ottenhof - Freelance writer based in Kingston. His work has been published by The Guardian, Vulture, Toronto Star, CBC, Maclean’s and others.

It’s clear that workers can’t rely on established labour groups to push a more progressive approach on employment. Today’s young organizers should adopt the radical tactics that produced results for employees during the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919
Solidarity Winnipeg
December 29, 2020
Adopted by Solidarity Winnipeg Members on December 23, 2020

Solidarity Winnipeg’s Basis of Unity says “We envision transforming society to achieve social and ecological justice on an anti-colonial basis. This can ultimately only be achieved by replacing capitalism with a more democratic society not driven by profit: ecosocialism.” This policy explains our common understanding of that goal.

Sophia Harris

Feb 16, 2021

Long-haul trucker, Luis Franco of Calgary said he fears driving to the U.S. because he said some Americans don't follow COVID-19 precautions such as wearing a mask. (Submitted by Luis Franco)

Glen Korstrom
The Hilton hotel in Burnaby. Hilton photo

The existing contract says employees lose seniority rights after being laid off for a period of 12 months. The hotel (and other lower mainland hotels) have the ability to extend that period voluntarily in the face of the pandemic, but have elected not to do so, probably selectively firing strong union members.

Gene McGuckin

Feb. 13, 2021

Vote was 97% in favour of a strike

A strike is one step close for a group of Burnaby hotel workers.

CBC News

Feb 11, 2021

'We recognize the Inuit as the rightful custodians of this land,' say group of employees in open letter


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