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Miners carry bags of ore in the copper-cobalt Shabara artisanal mine near the town of Kolwezi, Lualaba, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, on June 20, 2023. ARLETTE BASHIZI / FOR THE WASHINGTON POST VIA GETTY IMAGES

May 27, 2024

Black transit activists in the US are calling attention to the plunder of the Congo for cobalt mining.

he story of “John Doe 1” of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is tucked in a lawsuit filed five years ago against several U.S. tech companies, including Tesla, the world’s largest electric vehicle producer.

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Apr. 27, 2024

John Woodside
Though there has been a slight decline in the number of fossil fuel-connected directors on the boards of Canada's Big Five banks in recent years, critics still raise concerns about the industry's influence. Art by Ata Ojani/Canada’s National Observer

May 21, 2024

Canada’s largest banks are deeply entrenched in fossil fuels, having pumped at least $1.2 trillion into the sector since the Paris Agreement was signed in late 2015. But it’s not just their investments and lending that are increasingly under scrutiny –– it’s their leadership, too.

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Suncor refinery - Max and Dee Bernt/Flickr

May 20, 2024

As atmospheric carbon dioxide levels surge at unprecedented rates, a study suggests some countries may ramp up fossil fuel production by 2050, banking on unproven carbon removal plans and risking net-zero failure.

John Woodside
Ontario Premier Doug Ford takes part in a press conference at Ottawa City Hall on Monday, April 29, 2024. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

May 16, 2024

To help Enbridge lock gas customers in for decades to come, Premier Doug Ford's government on Wednesday overrode Ontario’s independent energy regulator and passed the Keeping Energy Costs Down Act.

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Illustration - Pundits regularly attacked pharmacare without disclosing Big Pharma ties - The Breach

May 10, 2024

Pundits regularly attacked pharmacare without disclosing Big Pharma ties

Dozens of op-eds opposing pharmacare from think tank analysts did not reveal their authors’ conflicts of interest

As the Liberal government and New Democrats hashed out the details of a national drug plan that could vastly improve medication access for millions, a chorus of criticism and opposition appeared in Canada’s largest media outlets.   

Arielle Samuelson
Economist Esther Duflo is the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Prize in Economics. She recently proposed a tax on the rich to pay for climate damages. Source: Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Apr. 24, 2024

And she called for the money to be sent directly to the world's most climate-vulnerable people.

For the first time, the world’s most powerful countries are considering a proposal that would tax the super rich and send the money directly to the people on the front lines of the climate crisis.


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