Guy Standing
‘Sediment plumes from deep-sea mining could suffocate coral reefs hundreds of miles away.’ Photograph:

July 7, 2023

Applications to mine the seabed in our ocean commons can be made from 9 July, allowing a few corporations to profit from ecological disaster

Sunday 9 July threatens to be a momentous day for the global economy, one that marks the beginning of the biggest gold rush in history, and one that could lead to unprecedented ecological damage. Yet few people seem to be taking much notice. The British government has been silent.

Alex Cosh
Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash. Licensed under the Unsplash License.

July 11, 2023

The poorest 40 per cent of Canadians control less than three per cent of net wealth.

Data published by Statistics Canada last week show that the gap between rich and poor Canadians is growing at the fastest rate on record.

Aarón Cantú
CalFire firefighters monitor a backfire during the Mosquito fire in Foresthill in September 2022. Photograph: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Jul 5, 2023

Bills would force large companies that do business in the state to report all emissions and crack down on bogus carbon offset claims

This article was produced by Capital & Main. An extended version is available here.

Carl Meyer
Documents show that as early as December 2021, oil companies in the Pathways Alliance, such as Suncor which operates this open pit oilsands mine near Fort McMurray, Alta., were lobbying the government to consider “flexible and cost-effective” rules for its emissions cap. Photo: Amber Bracken / The Narwhal

July 5, 2023

Through the Pathways Alliance, an organization of some of Canada’s largest oil producers, high-level bureaucrats were asked for long lead times and a ‘flexible, non-regulatory approach’ to usher in a limit on the sector’s air pollution

The Pathways Alliance plastered Toronto streetcars and Vancouver billboards with optimistic messages about its plan to slash pollution and help Canada meet its climate goals. Behind the scenes, the coalition of fossil fuel producers struck a different tone.

Oliver Milman
A new database of fossil fuel lobbyists shows how they represent clients with contradictory aims. Illustration: Javier Palma/The Guardian

July 5, 2023

Exclusive: new database shows 1,500 US lobbyists working for fossil-fuel firms while representing universities and green groups

More than 1,500 lobbyists in the US are working on behalf of fossil-fuel companies while at the same time representing hundreds of liberal-run cities, universities, technology companies and environmental groups that say they are tackling the climate crisis, the Guardian can reveal.

Peter Eglin
Housing is a Human Right

July 2, 2023  


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