Owen Schalk
Photo: Indigenous land defenders from across the Global South were in Toronto last year demonstrating outside the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada conference | Mining Injustice Solidarity Network on X

Dec. 19, 2023

The ‘green’ transition is spurring a neocolonial rush for minerals

Around the world, Indigenous-led resistance to mining and extraction projects have been intensifying, and it is frequently Canadian companies who are the aggressors, pushing forward with neocolonial land grabs and violent state-sanctioned repression when projects are opposed by locals.

Zsolt Horváth and Tamás Ignácz
Dec. 26, 2023
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Going electric does not solve our problems, it only deepens them. As engineers, we must say the opinion of the professionals in the industry is contrary to the mainstream, and for good reason, Zsolt Horváth and Tamás Ignácz write.


We’ve known for a long time that our GDP addiction and capitalist economic model are incompatible with life on Earth. 

Saeed Rahnema
Obstacles to Palestinian-Israeli Peace - walkers with Israeli flags

December 24, 2023 

If Al-Qaeda and ISIS were the indirect products of the policies of US imperialism, Hamas is a direct product of Israel. A glimpse into the painful history of 75 years of conflicts and confrontations between Israel and Palestinians helps one better understand the latest Hamas/Israeli fighting that started on October 7, 2023.

The Origins of the Palestinian Movement

Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Protesters march in Miami ahead of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign launch last May. JASON KOERNER/GETTY IMAGES FOR DNC

Good basic analysis applicable to many other places in the US and Canada. Needs to be expanded to include the union movement's centrality in what should be a combined progressive fightback against attacks on working class rights on and off the job, climate disruption, shrinking healthcare, homelessness, imperialism, war-mongering, racism, sexist-heterosexist oppression, etc.--all of which issues fascists actively support.

          -- Gene McGuckin 

Dec. 18, 2023

Crawford Kilian
‘Over the past 150 years,’ writes Chris van Tulleken, ‘food has become... not food.’ Photo via Shutterstock.

Nov. 30, 2023

Author Chris van Tulleken shows much of what we’re fed isn’t really food at all.

Paul Street
illustration - wave from smoke stack

Dec. 20, 2023

Followers of my writing have I hope noticed me repeatedly arguing that capitalism produces four mutually reinforcing and multiplying apocalyptic horsemen: ecocide, pandemicide, potentially terminal nuclear war, and fascism.

Capitalism at the Dark Taproot

I want to dig into this formulation here, explaining how capitalism generates each of these apocalyptic menaces and how the “four horsemen” reinforce and indeed multiply each other.

Kohei Saito
Slow down: The Japanese philosopher Kohei Saito argues that is physically impossible to sustain high levels of economic growth and reduce carbon. (Eric Gaillard / Reuters Pictures)

Dec. 4, 2023

In the Global North, measures to stop climate change cannot double as ways to further economic growth

Adapted from Slow Down: The Degrowth Manifesto copyright © 2020 by Kōhei Saitō. Translation copyright © 2024 by Brian Bergstrom. Published by Astra House. All rights reserved.

Steve Genco
The original photo of the famous ‘Blue Marble’ image, depicting Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew on December 7, 1972. Photo via NASA via Wikimedia Commons

Dec. 5, 2023

America has no idea how to live after the end of fossil fuels. When the country is ready to listen, ecosocialism can provide the answers it needs


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