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Canada Pension Plan (CPP) deductions are collected by the government and given to CPP Investments, an independent crown corporation tasked with investing our money on behalf of Canadians. The fund has grown to $523 billion making it one of the largest pension funds in the world.

Rather than use its huge power to help move Canada to a green economy, CPP Investments has chosen to support the polluting fossil fuel-based economy, while claiming climate change is important.

Dan Darrah & Dru Jay
Deavid Eby and Anjali Appadurai

Sept. 23, 2022

MLAs and lobbyists with fossil fuel ties at forefront of apparent attempt to undermine Appadurai’s insurgent campaign

As Anjali Appadurai’s campaign for leader of the B.C. New Democrats has surged, observers inside and close to the party are warning she is being subjected to smear tactics aimed at disqualifying her candidacy.

Chad Pawson

Sept. 11, 2022

Groups have documented the logging of old growth trees in at-risk areas proposed for deferral

Two years into a three-year process to defer the logging of some of B.C.'s grandest trees in its most ecologically diverse wilderness so that forestry stewardship could undergo a vast transformation, First Nations and conservationists are decrying a lack of progress and transparency.

Tess Harold
Illustration: Simone Williamson / Ecojustice

Jun. 17, 2022

Standing in a vast clearcut in British Columbia feels strangely dystopian. It’s quiet. There are no leaves to rustle, no bushes for animals to hide behind. The sun beats down and, you soon discover, there are no trees for shade.

Slash piles are your landmarks now — those mountains of branches leftover from logging. Come winter they’ll get burned. Bonfires against the snow, like a scene from Game of Thrones.

Amir Ali
Photo©SaveOldGrowth - protester in road

Jun 29, 2022

In some good news for BC drivers, Save Old Growth has stated that it will no longer be doing actions on critical infrastructure in the province. The group says the move amounts to a de-escalation of disruptive actions.

Rochelle Baker
International student and Save Old Growth leader Zain Haq is worried the Canada Border Services Agency plans to deport him. Photo by Ian Harland

Jun 16, 2022

An international student leading a controversial civil resistance campaign to end old-growth logging in B.C. is fearful the Canada Border Services Agency is looking to deport him.

Zain Haq, a co-founder of the Save Old Growth (SOG) protest group behind a recent series of highway blockades across the province, has been ordered to show up at a CBSA office.

The third-year history major at Simon Fraser University who hails from Pakistan is in Canada on a study permit, a document issued by Immigration Canada.

Mitchell Beer
Frank Gruber/flickr

June 1, 2022

The decision by Canada’s six biggest banks to sink another $10 billion into the troubled Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is no surprise after a federal loan guarantee made it a straightforward business decision to back the project, says the financial analyst who accurately predicted the decision 2½ months ago.

Brent Jang

May 6, 2022

From difficult terrain to pipeline politics, Canada is so close to becoming a global liquefied natural gas player, but faces obstacles

From Darrin Marshall’s viewpoint, a mountain stands in the way of Woodfibre LNG’s goal of shipping liquefied natural gas overseas from Canada’s West Coast.

As FortisBC’s project director for a new pipeline that would feed Woodfibre LNG’s proposed export terminal, he has devised plans to bore through the mountain near Squamish, B.C., about 65 kilometres north of Vancouver.


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