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Lasse Gustavsson
Kelp forests sequester massive stores of carbon but the need for protecting these ocean-based solutions to climate change, and investing in 'seaforestation' to grow their potential, is rarely discussed. Photo: Maxwel Hohn / Ocean Wise

Dec. 2, 2021

Ocean forests could be the key to limiting global warming, but underwater solutions are often overlooked

Lasse Gustavsson is the president and CEO of Ocean Wise Conservation Association.

Zoë Ducklow
A camp at Fairy Creek in October. Photo: James MacDonald / Capital Daily

November 25, 2021

Deferrals and changes to logging legislation is coming. But the activists aren’t leaving

The first thing you need to understand about Fairy Creek, if you’ve never been to Fairy Creek, is that the real fight isn’t in Fairy Creek. It’s beside it in Granite Creek, and above it at Ridge Camp, and to the west in the Walbran Valley.

Trans Mountain monitoring spill of drilling additive in Coquitlam watercourse
Indigenous leaders held a ceremony at Maquabeak Park in Coquitlam in May, 2021 to express concerns about an oil pipeline being drilled under the Fraser River.Fin Donnelly/Twitter

Nov. 22, 2021

Trans Mountain continues to monitor the impacts of a spill of clay-based drilling fluid in a water course near the Mary Hill bypass in Coquitlam last week.

In a statement, the company reported that approximately one cubic meter of bentonite was “inadvertently released” into a watercourse during horizontal directional drilling (HDD) procedures on Friday (Nov. 19).

The drilling is to install a section of pipe from Surrey to Coquitlam for the construction of the pipeline to Burnaby.

Environmental Defence

Glasgow, Scotland – Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau identified the biggest climate challenge for Canada but failed to come up with the right solution. Focusing on emissions from oil and gas production but not production itself will allow oil and gas companies to keep putting forward false solutions, such as carbon capture and storage, fossil-based hydrogen, and far-off net zero plans, all while pumping out more and more atmosphere-destroying fossil fuels.

Arno Kopecky
Andrew Weaver

28 Oct 2021

Climate activists are attacking the atmospheric scientist for simply stating a fact that makes the fight more urgent.

On the eve of the COP26 talks in Glasgow, the former leader of the BC Green Party — Andrew Weaver — caused a climate-community tempest when he tweeted, “1.5 degrees is not attainable. It never has been imho.”

Cloe Logan

October 25th 2021

Thousands of dormant well sites dot the landscape of British Columbia, and new rules make some in the province concerned oil and gas companies will delay cleaning them up.

John Woodside
Canada is committing to slashing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector as part of a global effort to curb the powerful greenhouse gas. Photo via Dirk Franke / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

October 13th 2021

Canada is committing to slash methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 75 per cent as part of a global effort to curb the powerful greenhouse gas.


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