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Without significant new taxes to redistribute excess wealth and profits, Canada’s current climate action plan will have a risky outcome. Photo by John Schnobrich/Unsplash

June 28th 2023

Smoke from a record start to Canada’s wildfire season has made the climate crisis more visible than ever. From B.C. and Alberta to Nova Scotia and Quebec, Canadians are literally struggling to breathe through the result of decades of inadequate climate action.

While the federal government is making significant green investments in areas such as clean electricity and infrastructure, it continues to overlook a critical piece of building a more sustainable future: tackling inequality by making the biggest polluters pay.

John Feffer
Posco prospects a lithium salt lake in Argentina. (courtesy of Posco Holdings)
Entrepreneurs and adventurers have long traveled the world in search of gold. European empires looted Latin America for its silver and tin. Diamonds attracted the rapacious to Africa. Oil has built enormous empires of wealth in the Gulf states.



John Feffer
Teaser photo credit: UK child’s ration book in WW2. Public Domain.

An interesting description of an international, post-capitalist energy distribution system--which fails to address how capitalism might be eliminated. 

                       -- Gene McGuckin

May 23, 2023

 Trade Unions for Energy Democracy
Public Power Now

  June 8, 2023 

TUED interviewed two Coalition organizers, Michaelangelo Pomarico and Patrick Robbins. View the 40-minute interview here and read the full interview transcript below. [website editor: this is a rough, incomplete and edited transcript!]


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