Kohei Saito
Slow down: The Japanese philosopher Kohei Saito argues that is physically impossible to sustain high levels of economic growth and reduce carbon. (Eric Gaillard / Reuters Pictures)

Dec. 4, 2023

In the Global North, measures to stop climate change cannot double as ways to further economic growth

Adapted from Slow Down: The Degrowth Manifesto copyright © 2020 by Kōhei Saitō. Translation copyright © 2024 by Brian Bergstrom. Published by Astra House. All rights reserved.

Steve Genco
The original photo of the famous ‘Blue Marble’ image, depicting Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew on December 7, 1972. Photo via NASA via Wikimedia Commons

Dec. 5, 2023

America has no idea how to live after the end of fossil fuels. When the country is ready to listen, ecosocialism can provide the answers it needs

Natasha Bulowski & John Woodside | News, Politics, Ottawa Insider
NDP MP Laurel Collins is the party's environment and climate change critic. File photo by Natasha Bulowski

Dec. 13, 2023

The federal government faced fierce external pressure to abandon or weaken its plan to cap oil and gas sector emissions from provincial governments and industry lobby groups in the lead-up to its announcement last week.

Nina Lakhani
The UN climate chief, Simon Stiell (left); the Cop28 president, Sultan al-Jaber; and Hana al-Hashimi, the chief Cop28 negotiator for the UAE, pose for photos at the end of Cop28. Photograph: Peter Dejong/AP

Dec. 13, 2023

Developing countries call agreement to transition away from fossil fuels ‘unfair’ and ‘inequitable’

As the leaders of the developed world hailed the Cop28 agreement to “transition away” from fossil fuels as historic, Indigenous people, frontline communities and climate justice groups rebuked the deal as unfair, inequitable and business as usual.

Phil McDuff
‘The need to keep the wheels of capitalism well-oiled takes precedence even against a backdrop of fires, floods and hurricanes.’ Photograph: Fire & Rescue NSW/AFP/Getty Images

Website editor: This article is more than 4 years old! What has changed? Well, Greta Thunberg is no longer a child.

Mar. 18, 2019

Andrew Nikiforuk
We pretend extracting more metals to build bigger vehicles whose electricity is largely powered by fossil fuels is progress. Photo via Shutterstock.

Dec. 8, 2023

Sputtering EV promises, in 13 scenes. And the true road to surviving the climate crisis.

Linda McQuaig
Canada Revenue Agency - It's time for a wealth tax on Canadians with  assets of more than $10 million to deal with the growing economic inequality, writes contributor Linda McQuaig. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Nov. 30, 2023

After years of the rich getting richer, they’re now getting spectacularly richer -- while most Canadians are losing ground.

Robin Hood never managed to make much of a dent in income inequality. But, if he’s still out there, he’s switched sides and is now unabashedly working for the Sheriff of Nottingham.

After years of the rich getting richer, they’re now getting spectacularly richer -- while most Canadians are losing ground.

Saul Elbein
FILE – A customer pumps gas at an Exxon gas station, Tuesday, May 10, 2022, in Miami. Gas prices have again dropped sharply in New Jersey and around the country, Saturday, Dec. 10, as demand remains slow and supplies continue to increase. (AP Photo/Marta Lavandier, File)

Nov. 27, 2023

U.S. oil and gas companies extracted record amounts of planet-warming oil and gas in 2023 — a year that was the globe’s hottest in recorded history. 

New reporting from The Guardian on Monday found that the U.S. government is planning for oil and gas production levels to stay at “near-record levels” until mid-century. 


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