William E. Rees
‘Ecological overshoot’ is causing climate change, the pandemic and more. Is our political system capable of doing what’s needed? Photo by Paddy O Sullivan.

10 Aug 2021

What would ‘getting serious’ about the survival of civilization look like?

The pandemic is a big problem. Climate change is an even bigger problem. But the meta-problem is ecological overshoot.

Democracy Now
“The End of Neoliberalism”: Rep. Ro Khanna Hails “Historic” $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan

Aug. 11, 2021

Transcript [Watch video at link]

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AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now! I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González.

Robert Reich
The Solutions to the Climate Crisis No One is Talking About

April 25, 2020

Make no mistake: the simultaneous crisis of inequality and climate is no fluke. Both are the result of decades of deliberate choices made, and policies enacted, by ultra-wealthy and powerful corporations.

Both our economy and the environment are in crisis. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few while the majority of Americans struggle to get by. The climate crisis is worsening inequality, as those who are most economically vulnerable bear the brunt of flooding, fires, and disruptions of supplies of food, water, and power.

Ian Angus
Harvesting grain in the 1400s

August 1, 2021

“All progress in capitalist agriculture is a progress in the art, not only of robbing the worker, but of robbing the soil.” (Karl Marx)

Robbing the Soil is a new series of articles on capitalist agriculture, part of my continuing project on metabolic rifts. Your constructive comments, suggestions, and corrections will help me get it right. -IA

Tara Olivetree (Ehrcke)

7. 12. 2021


Who has more power than Shell Oil? This is one of the first questions a climate activist should ask themselves, because without finding an answer, we can’t win.

Sol Trumbo Vila, originally published by Transnational Institute
 View of Old Town from the Olaf Tower, Vyborg, Leningrad oblast, Russia

A wealth of material here, along with some complex thinking and complex assumptions. Not at all sure what can be used in the increasingly urgent situations confronting us, or even whether cities are, in fact, the right theatres-of-action to concentrate on--Canadian cities being especially hamstrung by their lack of taxing power and, therefore, their lack of power to choose and implement policies. BUT these folks are thinking about strategies and tactics, not just desirable goals, so I'll be going back over this a few times.


Natasha Bulowski
Nearly 90 per cent of Canadians want to see a wealth tax of one per cent paid by the wealthiest Canadians, according to new poll data. Photo By KMR Photography / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

August 5th 2021

A majority of Canadians believe wealth inequality should be tackled by increasing taxes on the wealthy and large corporations and even said it could influence their vote, according to a new poll.


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