Wyatt Myskow, Lee Hedgepeth
Cell-cultivated chicken is made in the pictured tanks at the Eat Just office on July 27, 2023 in Alameda, Calif. Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mar. 12, 2024

Restricting the sale of protein cultured from animal cells, developed as a way to raise meat without the climate impacts of livestock, has become a trendy right-wing legislative focus in states from Arizona to Florida.

Months in jail and thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees—those are the consequences Alabamians and Arizonans could soon face for selling cell-cultured meat products that could cut into the profits of ranchers, farmers and meatpackers in each state. 

Brent Jang
One of the massive modules to liquefy natural gas at the LNG Canada plant in Kitimat.Nelson Bennett, BIV

Mar. 7, 2024

Revenue from forestry has topped natural gas royalties in 12 of the past 13 fiscal years, but the sector will likely play a supporting tole in the foreseeable future with reduced timber supplies

The natural gas industry is poised to take centre stage in British Columbia’s economy and overtake the forestry sector as the largest contributor to the province’s resource revenue.

John Woodside
Artwork by Ata Ojani / Canada's National Observer

Mar. 7, 2024

Despite commitments to align their portfolios with net-zero emissions, Canada’s largest banks are increasingly financing fossil fuel companies and pushing their decarbonization goals out of reach.

Bill McKibben

Mar. 5, 2024

Exxon--is it possible?--hits a new low

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