'Alternative' energy and less energy

Natasha Bulowski
To address fossil fuel subsidies, Canada needs to evaluate programs and policies to ensure they facilitate the move to a low-carbon economy, a new report says. Photo by Kris Krüg / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Feb. 9. 2022

Right now, many government policies work against Canada’s best climate, economic and social interests, and to fix this, a new report states we need to address the elephant in the room: fossil fuel subsidies.

Seth Klein
The pledge to provide new buildings with 100 per cent renewable gas is a pipe dream, writes columnist Seth Klein. Photo by Niklas Eichler / Pexels

Jan. 26, 2022

Across North America, jurisdictions are starting to ban gas from new buildings as part of plans to tackle the climate emergency. And that has fossil fuel gas companies very nervous and pushing back. FortisBC, the primary provider of “natural” gas to British Columbia homes and businesses, sensing an impending existential threat to their business plan has a counter-plan.

Jessica Corbett
A protestor gestures during an anti-nuclear demonstration on October 1, 2016 in Siouville-Hague, northwestern France. (Photo: Charly Triballeau/AFP via Getty Images)
January 25, 2022

"The reality is nuclear is neither clean, safe, or smart; but a very complex technology with the potential to cause significant harm."

As global scientists continue to warn of the urgent need to keep fossil fuels in the ground, a quartet of European and U.S. experts on Tuesday made a comprehensive case for why nuclear power should be not be considered a solution to the climate crisis.

System Change Not Climate Change

Jan 23, 2022

You Can watch the webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJkHFPk_hqg

During our Plastics Pollution webinar in October 2021, audience members requested an event at which solutions are discussed. And so . . . this webinar!

Seth Klein
Columnist Seth Klein believes he has had a "sneak peek" at the B.C. government's Feb. 8 throne speech. Photo via Province of British Columbia / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Horgan's Throne Speech is slated for Feb. 8. Seth Klein's proposed text for it (below) is a fantasy, but it does lay out many of the tasks that need doing in the near future. Only a huge mobilization of BCers can force even some of them to be done.

           -- Gene McGuckin

Jan. 19, 2022

[The following is a work of fiction.]

Thom Hartmann Program and Michaela Haas
Does Arctic Drilling Violate Human Rights? (with Frode Pleym of Greenpeace Norway))

Jan 12, 2022

There is lots of gas and oil in the ground across the world. But drilling for oil disturbs more than you might think. Could drilling for oil cause so many second hand effects that the act is itself a violation of human rights?  Frode Pleym joined Thom to discuss whether Arctic drilling violate human rights. Frode Pleym is an Activist and the Senior Adviser & Leader of Greenpeace Norway.

Primary Author: Mia Rabson @mrabson
Sass Peress, Renewz Sustainable Solution Inc./Wikimedia Commons

Jan. 6, 2022

An industry group representing three of Canada’s biggest automakers has warned that public electric vehicle charging capacity is nowhere near what’s needed to drive up sales of electric cars, just days before two of the three companies unveiled plans to boost production.

John Woodside
Ottawa’s clean fuel standard is being designed to help curb transportation sector emissions, but critics say the existing draft text will lock in years of fossil fuel use. Photo via Erik Mclean / Pexels

Jan. 7, 2022

Ottawa’s incoming clean fuel standard is being designed to help curb transportation sector emissions, but critics say the existing draft text waters down climate targets and will lock in years of fossil fuel use.

The standard has been in development since 2016 and is scheduled to take effect by the end of the year, aiming to cut about 20 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Ottawa wants the regulation finalized by spring to give time for companies to prepare.


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