Blasting Tsel Kiy Kwa - ACTION NEEDED

Gidimt'en Access
Tsel Kiy Kwa

Dec. 23,  2022


Tsel Kiy Kwa

On December 8th we got reports that there was blasting happening less than 1km from Gidimt’en Checkpoint, one of our homesites on the yintah at 44km.

Coastal GasLink is inches away from trenching through the spawning channel of the blue listed species of Lamprey Eel. Tsel Kiy Kwa (Lamprey Creek) is an ancient gathering spot where many nations would come to harvest this staple food. Now we rarely catch a glimpse of the eels.

As we see the impacts of industry and global warming daily in the news headlines, citing ‘weather bombs’ and dire warnings across Turtle Island, we fight to protect our yintah and the critical infrastructure of all our futures.

We need everyone to start taking action where they stand, or come to the yintah and get your boots on the ground. We will not allow our children’s futures to be stolen by industries and governments set to destroy it for profit. And we ask you to take action for your own children/grandchildren.