Booms leaking diesel, contaminating beaches in Heiltsuk Territory

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Booms leaking diesel, contaminating beaches in Heiltsuk Territory

October 25, 2016 (Bella Bella) – Crews continue to attempt to recover spilled diesel from contaminated beaches near Gale Creek/'Qvúqvái today as diesel has been discovered leaking from booms that broke Saturday and washed ashore.


“The damage to the intertidal zone will be massive,” says Chief Marilyn Slett. “We’re looking at damage from diesel washed ashore during the spill and now further contamination from broken containment booms leaking diesel on the beach.”


Heiltsuk field photos show the sorbent materials inside broken booms oozing diesel into intertidal areas. Sheens of diesel were also found under the rocks by crews yesterday.


“Heiltsuk, Coastguard and provincial environment crews on the ground are all working hard to clean up spilled diesel,” says Slett, “but effective booms and other equipment just don’t exist for our coastal conditions and the response measures simply aren’t adding up to “world class”.

Taken October 24:
J-Peg 2669: Booms leaking diesel into intertidal zone.
J-peg 2761: Crews attempt to flush diesel from beach.
J-peg: 2757: Crews retrieve contaminated debris floating in intertidal area.

Taken October 23 -

J-Peg Image 8: Wolf tracks in diesel soaked boom
J-Peg Image 4: Diesel in intertidal pools
J-Peg Image 3: Diesel soaked beaches

Image 2: Manila clam on diesel-soaked beach

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