BREAKING: Dozens of youth occupy House of Commons

Our Time

Dear friends,

I was just arrested for occupying the House of Commons with dozens of other young people. We are calling on all of our newly elected Members of Parliament to work across party lines and govern for a Green New Deal.

There is so much power in this room as we sit cross-legged, singing in unison, in defence of our collective future. See for yourself by watching the video of my arrest:

We’ve brought 338 mandate letters with us -- one for every MP in the House of Commons. These letters are a call to action from our generation. We will not move until the majority of our elected members of Parliament accept their letters and pledge to make a Green New Deal their top priority when Parliament resumes.

We are undertaking great personal risks by being here. Sadly, we're being arrest for this simple act of asking our leaders to do what they promised: lead us through a climate emergency.

But this personal risk bears no comparison to the risks we all stand to face if this government fails to act on the climate crisis. I know that your solidarity and support during this time would mean the world to all of us. 

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The majority of people in Canada voted for parties that promised bold action on the climate crisis. And yet our Prime Minister's first move after the election was to double down on his support for the TransMountain pipeline.

I am overcome with emotion as I sat in the House of Commons today. But overwhelmingly, I feel tired. My peers and I in the room, and across the country, worked tirelessly through the election to elect Green New Deal champions and mobilize an unprecedented number of young voters. We knocked on so many doors, had countless conversations with our community members, and even now, a week after the election, we haven't had a minute to rest in preparation for this moment.

More than anything, I feel tired of having to fight so hard to make sure that our elected leaders keep their word. We deserve better.

This is our time to lead and demand the future that we deserve. Will you support us?

With determination,



350 Canada is supporting the Our Time campaign along with local hubs led by young people across the country. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, and donate to keep this movement strong and growing. 

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