Colonialism in Canada: What is happening at Unist'ot'en?

Kolin Sutherland-Wilson

Jan 6, 2020


Watch here.

In an era of Reconciliation and UNDRIP, why must the Unist'ot'en fight so hard for what is rightfully theirs?


The Unist'ot'en currently exist at the cutting edge of Canadian-Indigenous relations. This film discusses the past and present of the events unfolding in British Columbia's north, while guiding us to seek a greater future.


This film was made over the course of three sleepless days. It is unpolished, but timely. I have never made a film before this. All I ask is that you do something, because Canada's stance will never change unless the people make their voices heard.


Made using free movie editing software (HitFilm Express), royalty free music (, and free special effects ( All of the footage was scavenged from youtube, facebook, and google image search.


To learn more, I highly suggest watching Invasion (2019), linked here:


International call for solidarity (Jan 7, 2020):


Unist'ot'en supporter toolkit:


Unist'ot'en legal fund:


by Kolin Sutherland-Wilson


Undergraduate Student of Environmental and Indigenous Studies, University of Victoria