Extinction Rebellion UK - 14 Arrested in Protest May 30, 2020

Extinction Rebellion UK
Joel - arrested for protesting
The government failed the public in preparing for Covid-19, and is failing to prepare for the climate and ecological crisis.

Now is the time in human history that we must combine our skills, knowledge and wisdom. The government must prioritise people and planet, so we can #decidetogether how [we] should move on so that the future is better.

'We urgently need the democratic deliberative process of a nationwise Citizens' Assembly to consider how best to rebuild our economy for a more sustainable, fair and long term basis.''

Even the Daily Fail gets it: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8372119/Extinction-Rebellion-stage-silent-socially-distanced-climate-protests-Britain.html
Watch video here.
[Top photo: Joel - arrested for protesting in Parliament Square, London, UK]