Jim Carr, has the power to stop the Kinder Morgan



Tomorrow, the next round of National Energy Board hearings for the Trans-Mountain Kinder Morgan pipeline are set to start. With them, Prime Minister Trudeau and this government will be breaking their first big climate promise.

The new government campaigned against the broken NEB reviews of tar sands pipelines. But now, under pressure from big oil, they’re letting both the Kinder Morgan and Energy East reviews proceed -- with no consideration of climate change, without listening to communities, and without respecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The good news is that the Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr, has the power to stop the Kinder Morgan hearings from going forward. Not only that: right now he is meeting with the rest of the cabinet for the first time in 2016. 

Make a phone call to Jim Carr to tell him to stop NEB pipeline hearings until the new review rules are in place.

Last week, people in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Montreal and more took action to deliver a People’s Injunction -- a warning that if the government does not uphold its promise and stop these illegitimate reviews before January 18th, the people will. 

Now, it’s time to turn up the pressure all across Canada. Click here to flood the lines of Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr and let him know that his government cannot get away with breaking their promise.

If the Trudeau government is serious about tackling climate change and restoring public confidence in Canada’s environmental regulations, it can’t let pipeline reviews continue under Stephen Harper’s rules.

The government is breaking its promise, but we can stop it.



P.S. Actions for the People's Injunction are being organized on the ground all across the country. Sign up and find resources to organize one in your community here.

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