Mapping site to track Kinder Morgan construction and protests

Wilderness Committee

May 30, 2017 — As Kinder Morgan looks to crowdfund its ill-conceived pipeline, the Wilderness Committee is launching a live map so British Columbians can stay up-to-date if the shovels ever do hit the dirt.

This map is available at with the detailed pipeline route and features of interest like drinking water aquifers and intakes, nearby at-risk schools and endangered species habitat. It will enable the flow of crucial information to and from communities on the ground should the company start construction. 

“If Kinder Morgan is foolish enough to start building their pipeline, they won’t be able to get any work done without the whole province knowing about it,” said McCartney. “At the same time we will use this map to show all the places where resistance is mounting.” 

While 18 court cases and a new government in Victoria could stop or slow the project, people all along the pipeline route are organizing to halt or stall construction if it proceeds. Currently, participants in a march from Victoria have chained themselves to the gates of the Kinder Morgan terminal in Burnaby.

“No matter where they start this thing they will meet opposition,” said McCartney.

Last week the company made a final investment decision, conditional on a successful completion of its initial public offering tomorrow. It hopes to raise the funds needed to build the pipeline, but much skepticism remains about its ability to start the project in September.

“Kinder Morgan’s last ditch effort to convince investors that their doomed project isn’t a horrible idea is embarrassing,” said McCartney. “But those folks need to know that British Columbians are ready to defend our home.” 

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