'New Normal' - Protest by Sustainabiliteens



  • WE ARE NOT GOING BACK TO NORMAL. Today was our banner drop over the Kensington overpass as part of our NOT GOING BACK campaign advocating for a JUST RECOVERY from COVID-19 from the federal government that puts people and the planet first. JOIN THE MOVEMENT @sustainabiliteens

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Normal was a crisis, we need to build back better! Join us today (Wednesday, July 29th) at 3 PM as we hang a banner from the Kensington Overpass for our Not Going Back campaign. We are meeting at Hastings and east of Duncan Street in Burnaby. Please message us if you are able to attend or have any questions! We ask that you bring a face mask, a water bottle and hand sanitizer. #notgoingback #notgoingbacktonormal #justrecovery #burnaby #sustainabiliteens #climatestrikecanada #climatejustice
JOIN US TOMORROW!!! At 1:00pm for postering and chalking in Burnaby and New West
Today is not a celebration yet a day when we must commemorate the indigenous lives lost to the Canadian state #cancelcanadaday
After we learned that #blackouttuesday was originally meant to be a day where we only uplifted black voices (not post a black picture) we took down our black square and made this. Please go check them out! And click the link in our bio to take more action. #blacklivesmatter #environmentalistsforblacklivesmatter #upliftblackvoices
Welcome! We are the local branch of @sustainabiliteens and we’re so excited to build a youth climate community in between our lovely cities. Your favorite organizers from NWSS are still here, don’t worry, we’re now just part of a greater, stronger team! Regional groups such as BNWTC are going to allow us to grow and take more action locally. We hope you’re ready!