Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament Assembled:

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Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament Assembled:

Fraser Surrey Docks want to build a new port to ship up to 8 million tonnes of U.S. thermal coal through B.C. The proposal threatens our health, our environment and the global climate. Port Metro Vancouver, an unaccountable federal port authority, has allowed the proposal to move ahead despite fatallyflawed environmental studies, the absence of a health impact assessment and widespread local opposition.

With a decision pending on Fraser Surrey Docks’ proposal and the new federal government’s pledge to reform the environmental assessment process, we have a narrow window of opportunity to halt the project and ensure it gets the comprehensive, independent, democratic assessment it deserves.

This may be our best chance yet to get B.C. Beyond Coal. The historic international climate summit in Paris offers a ray of hope for global action to curb greenhouse gas emissions from coal. And in Canada, we’ve just elected a new government that has pledged to act not only on climate change, but environmental sustainability and democratic participation in decision-making.

There is no future in thermal coal. Places like Alberta and the United States are finally getting serious about phasing out coal power. The global demand and prices for thermal coal in the world market continues to plummet.

US Thermal coal is being shipped out of B.C. at a loss but Fraser Surrey Docks is still moving ahead with its risky proposal to build a whole new coal export facility on the Fraser River.

Luckily, we have the power to move our new federal government to stop this backwards proposal in its tracks. The government must act immediately to ensure Fraser Surrey Docks does not move ahead until local communities get the answers they deserve about the impacts to their health, environment and global climate– and have a meaningful seat at the decision-making table.

Sign the petition to Parliament asking that the Fraser Surrey Docks coal port proposal be put on hold until the federal government completes its review and reform of the environmental assessment process.

Together, we’re closer than we’ve ever been to getting Beyond Coal.


We The Undersigned:

Support the new federal government’s pledge to reform the Canadian environmental assessment process and call upon Parliament to suspend Port Metro Vancouver’s consideration of the Fraser Surrey Docks coal port proposal until the government has completed its environmental assessment reforms.

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