A proposed Transit Bill of Rights

Nathan Davidovicz

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1. Safe, accessible, affordable, reliable and environmentally sustainable public mass transportation

2. A system that gives equal merit to and respectfully fulfills the needs of all riders and communities, with no rider or community left out, marginalized, or disenfranchised

3. Dedicated and sustainable operating and capital funding for public mass transit supported by local, provincial and federal governments, with equitable distribution of resources system wide

4. Equitable sharing and distribution of public mass transit costs with corporations and other entities benefiting from the service

5. Public mass transit authority that is transparent, open-minded, inclusive, respectful, empathic and accessible to all riders

6. Living wages, benefits, safe working conditions, and union rights for public mass transit workers

Public mass transit provides many in our community basic mobility and primary transport to work, school, healthcare, shopping to support local businesses, access to healthy and nutritional food, to places of worship and voting, to recreational and wellness facilities, and most importantly, to foster relationships with family and friends.