Protest ongoing at Lost Creek tree sit - Timothee in skypod - video

Gene McGuckin and Timothee
Timothee tree sitting
Sept 13, 2021
This is a video from this morning of veteran tree-sitter Timothee (over 100 days aloft in the past year). He's currently occupying one of the two "skypod" sits that were set up last Thursday night in the direct path of the tree-clearing, and specifically blocking "the tank" a huge cherry-picker machine that allows "arborists" and other tree-cutters to quickly cut off the highest branches of targeted trees before ground crews fall the remaining quite tall trunks (also quickly). Unlike the two pre-existing solid-wooden-platform tree-sits which have been occupied for months, the new "skypods" are basically hammocks that are suspended in the treetops and "anchored" by ropes staked into the ground. Their design is such that, if the anchor is pulled up or the anchor rope cut, the tree-sitter will fall 20+ metres, probably to their/her/his death.

Watch the video here.  (complete with dramatic zoom-out footage from Timothee's drone).