Protests Open NEB Kinder Morgan Hearings

Gene McGuckin
Kinder Morgan protest
Please forward widely, especially to contacts in the lower mainland, BC.

Sisters, Brothers, and Friends,

Yesterday’s warm-up protest against the Kinder Morgan National Energy Board hearings in Burnaby previews an equally energetic but much larger protest this coming Saturday, 1 p.m., at 4331 Dominion St.

“Trudeau, Keep Your Promises!” said one banner hanging from the Trans-Canada Highway overpass. Another read, “Re-Do Kinder Morgan Review!”

They summed up the main reason 250 people marched to, and rallied outside, the first day of the January 19-29 hearings. The NEB is reviewing whether to allow Kinder Morgan to triple its current daily flow of 300,000 barrels of export tar sands dilbit through Burnaby, to more than double its tank farm storage on a mountainside overlooking residential neighbourhoods in the city, and to multiply by seven its supertanker traffic in the narrow Burrard Inlet bordering Burnaby on the north. The Tsleil-Waututh Nation (the People of the Inlet) is centred just across the water.

Prime Minister Trudeau, while running for election, promised to scrap this review process and start over. In office, he went back on the pledge. In Paris at the United Nations Climate Conference, his government told assembled nations that all should work to limit atmospheric warming to 1.5º Centrigrade, not the less-ambitious 2°. Giving a leg up to Big Oil by continuing the biased, fraudulent, industry-captured review process is another violated promise.

Led by First Nation’s chiefs, song, and drum, about 120 marched over a kilometre through Burnaby streets, carrying dozens of varied signs and banners. RCMP cruisers escorted them front and rear. All paused on the Willingdon Avenue bridge over the Trans-Canada, where a banner had earlier been hung and gave a 15-minute show to passing motorists.

Then, on for a few more minutes to the Burnaby Delta Hotel and Conference Centre where the hearings on Burnaby’s future were held. Perhaps symbolically, the large structure also included the “Grand Villa Casino,” which were the most visible words on the outside of the complex. Here First Nations officials, a city councillor, several community groups, and high school students spoke of their opposition to Kinder Morgan and their anger and disappointment at the federal government's betrayals.

Taking the lead in organizing this day’s activities was the four-year-old Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion (BROKE). The group is slated to make its submission to the hearings on January 28. Attached to this e-mail is a brochure describing the work of the group.

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Thanks and solidarity,