Provisional points for discussion

Michael Lebowitz

In the context of the coming BC election and the climate plans advanced by the NDP and Greens (and the climate record of the Liberal government), the Vancouver Ecosocialists offer the following provisional points for discussion. We think that this could achieve a number of purposes: (1) set out a standard against which particular party programmes can be measured, (2) provide a list of issues that can serve as a basis for activists inside and outside of particular parties during the election campaign and (3) can be a list of issues that can serve as a basis for a struggle against whatever government is elected.

We know that this list is incomplete, and we have received some private suggestions and proposed amendments (some with which we agree). Rather than amend the list at this time, though, we urge those who have written privately and all others who have views to respond openly so we can have a much-needed public discussion of what is to be done now.

 The provisional list:

- emphasis on rapid transit
- importance of focus upon an expanded and free bus system
- opposition to Site C, pipelines, LNG, Woodfibre plant, Massey Tunnel replacement
- substantial support and subsidization of alternate energy systems
- end fossil fuel subsidies
- oppose bank support of pipeline companies and fossil fuel producers
- call for divestment of public university and college investments in the above
- opposition to coal port and coal shipments in British Columbia
- follow climate leadership recommendations on the carbon tax and extend this tax in particular to forest slash burning
- support the development of local community organizing and democratic structures as a vehicle of struggle
- support occupations and civil disobedience as part of the struggle