Salmon are too important to leave up to a pipeline company

Peter McCartney

Who do these Texas cowboys think they are?

Here in BC, we have rules — and when Kinder Morgan installed snow fencing in seven BC streams to prevent salmon from spawning this fall, they stomped on them.

Nobody gave them permission to do it. They started construction before they were allowed, without authorization from the regulators.

If it weren’t for a community group raising alarm when the company bragged about its “innovative” use of this snow fencing as salmon mats on its blog, the regulator wouldn’t have even known about the illegal construction.

We can’t risk this happening again. If the National Energy Board can’t make Kinder Morgan follow the rules, we need the BC government to step in.

Kinder Morgan waltzed into salmon streams and took it upon themselves to interfere with spawning, and they suffer no consequences? Not in this province. Not when our most precious resource is at stake.

Ask Premier John Horgan to press pause on its permits until a full investigation into this illegal construction is complete.

We need to know how this happened and how the government plans to protect BC’s wildlife moving forward. Kinder Morgan has shown it cannot be trusted to abide by the rules.

Write your letter today and make sure they do.

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For the climate,

Peter McCartney
Climate Campaigner | Wilderness Committee