"Several members of Secwepemc nation arrested" - Action and more

Tim Kennelly
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@withregram@r.i.s.e.2020 Five members of the Secwepemc Nation Sacred Fire site were arrested today as TMX Pipeline corporation prepares to pull pipeline through the drill site under the Thompson River. Those arrested include Secwepemc Hereditary Chief and Elder, his daughter, a former TMX pipeline engineer and two other Secwepemc women. All those present today at our sacred fire and at the TMX Pipeline drill site were present in ceremony under the jurisdiction of Secwepemc Law and  under the authority of Secwepemc Hereditary leadership, Elders Councils,  Sacred Woman’s Fire Council, and the Secwepemc. 

Among those arrested include Hereditary Chief Segwses, Loralie Dick, April Thomas, Billie Pierre, and ex-TMX engineer, Romilly Cavanaugh.

Along with the direct action today, the Secwepemc delivered a Cease and Desist letter to TMX Pipeline corporation for the second time. The Secwepemc people did so under the direction of the Elder’s Council stating the land has never been ceded or surrendered and no consent has ever been given for the colonial government or the Trans Mountain Pipeline to enact the violent authority and jurisdiction they claim on Secwepemculecw. 
We stand for clean water, wild salmon and for our future generations."



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Via Coast Protectors Instagram account:
"Posted @withregram@r.i.s.e.2020  *CALL TO ACTION*
Call Kamloops RCMP at 250- 828-3000 and demand they release Secwepemc Hereditary Chief, the Secwepemc women and Romilly Cavanaugh arrested today at the TMX drill sight on the Thompson River.

Secwepemc Hereditary Chief, Segwses, (pronounced Saw-sess), is an Elder and has a heart condition. He along with three Secwepemc women, April Thomas, Lorelei Dick, Billie Pierre, and ally Romilly Cavanaugh have been in holding by the RCMP since 3:00pm Oct 15 without any contact with their loved ones. We are concerned for the wellbeing of our family members. We need to ensure the RCMP know the world is watching and we demand their release. Call them NOW and keep calling them to demand they release those arrested at the TMX drilling site today.