Sleydo, Chief Woos's Daughter, Three Accredited Journalists, and Nine other People We're Arrested In Militarized Raid of Coyote Camp Nov. 19

First Nations leaders
Release All Land Defenders

Call For Solidarity Continues! 

Militarized RCMP raided Coyote Camp today, arresting 14 people including Sleydo', Chief Woos's daughter, and three accredited journalists.. 

They came in with assault rifles and dogs, and without a warrant, used axes to break down the door of the cabin Sleydo' and Chief Woos's daughter we're in, and violently removed them from their territory.

Of the people arrested yesterday, most we're released this afternoon. Five people refused to sign conditions of release that barred return to the territory and are being brought to jail in Prince Rupert where they face court on Monday.

Solidarity actions continued across the country, with rallies, marches, rail blockades, and road closures. 


 Issue a solidarity statement from your organization or group and tag us.
 Host a solidarity rally or action in your area.
 Pressure the government, banks, and investors.
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#WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ShutDownCanada
Sleydo' was arrested alongside ten other land defenders today and is currently incarcerated. 

She recorded this video in the Coyote Camp Cabin before RCMP broke down the door

Summary of events from Gidimt'en Checkpoint:

"Around 12:30pm, Nov 19, 2021, RCMP breached two structures at Coyote Camp on Cas Yikh Territory, violently arresting Gidimt’en Spokesperson Sleydo’, along with Dinϊ Ze' Woos’ daughter, and several other unarmed Indigenous land defenders, on behalf of TC Energy’s proposed Coastal GasLink pipeline project. At the height of the invasion, a media and communications blackout was enforced at gunpoint, cutting contact with the outside world.

The previous day, Nov 18, 2021, a militarized raid employing dozens of tactical officers, K-9 units, assault weapons, busses, and surveillance vehicles breached the first line of defense of the territory - making 15 arrests (including 2 elders, 3 Legal Observers, and 1 journalist). Their bail hearing is happening now in Smithers, BC as more arrests on the territory continue.

We need all eyes on Wet’suwet’en as the genocidal violence continues. Solidarity actions around the world have already begun.
Video and photos of the millitarized RCMP raid that took place yesterday where they violently arrested land defenders, elders, legal observers, and a journalist has been released and is posted below.
Video of Yesterday's Raid

Photo from the raid below
Statement on Official Accounts from Gidimt'en Checkpooint:

"*** We are fortunate and grateful that our struggle is being amplified! However, many fraudulent accounts get created when the media picks up a story like ours. We ask supporters to confirm that they are only sharing talking points and directing donations to our official pages (listed in the 2nd slide). Misiyh! ***"


  •  Issue a solidarity statement from your organization or group and tag us.

  •  Host a solidarity rally or action in your area.

  •  Pressure the government, banks, and investors.

  •  Donate.

  •  Spread the word.     

See this thread for Solidarity Actions Near you!

#WetsuwetenStrong #AllOutForWedzinKwa #ShutDownCanada

All out for Wet'suwet'en!
-Unist'ot'en Solidarity Brigade