Anti-austerity protests sweep across France

The Local staff
Anti-austerity protests in France April 2015

Tens of thousands of French workers took to the streets of cities across the country on Thursday to denounce the "austerity" policies of the French government. The Eiffel Tower was forced to close due to the strike.

Various trade unions had called on workers to join the protest against austerity and in the name of "protecting social services, public transport, and employment".

Thousands of protesters marched in Paris between the Place d'Italie and the Invalides on Thursday afternoon and thousands more rallied in cities across France.

A total of 70 demonstrations were held around the country with an estimated 7,000 people protesting in Marseille, 10,000 people in Bordeaux, 7,000 in Lyon, 8,000 in Toulouse, 5,000 in Rouen and 3,000 in Nantes.