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Robert Hackett
A shot of Fort McMurray, Alberta in 2012. Photo by Kris Krüg from Flickr

August 9th 2019

The Trudeau government and the petrobloc (the fossil fuel industries and their political, financial and media allies) would like you to believe that the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline (TMX), intended to triple the flow of diluted bitumen from the Athabasca Sands to the port of Vancouver, is a done deal.

But the latest approval of TMX by the Trudeau government and the industry-friendly National Energy Board does not settle the issue.

Charlie Smith
Capilano University student Grace Grignon says that she was attracted to Extinction Rebellion because it's taking a "different and stronger approach" than other groups.

Last night, I was curious to learn more about Extinction Rebellion, a global climate-justice movement with chapters in British Columbia.

Founded last year, it's been the talk of the U.K. and, more recently, Australia, for its peaceful, direct actions that disrupt the establishment.


In many respects, the Extinction Rebellion protests are reminiscent of the U.S. civil rights movement or Mahatma Gandhi's efforts to get the British to leave India.

Jake Johnson
Teenage climate Swedish activist Greta Thunberg attends Fridays for Future Climate Change rally in Piazza Del Popolo on April 19, 2019 in Rome, Italy. (Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

"Good news in the link below, but the name and nature of the union are not very clear in the article. It refers to Verdi, also referred to as "ver.di,"  short-form nicknames for Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (United Services Union) which represents public and private service workers in a huge variety of jobs. More Canadian unions have to get involved in this youth-led fight!" Gene McGuckin

"This is leadership. Who will follow? The world is watching," said 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg

August 06, 2019

CBC The Early Edition

August 8, 2019


CBC reporter Chantelle Bellrichard shares this story with Stephen Quinn.

Listen here:

Michael P. Theroux and Laura M. Gill Bennett Jones LLP

August 6 2019

On July 11, 2019, Quebec's Superior Court rejected a class action lawsuit seeking federal action relating to climate change. The Court found that the questions raised by the plaintiff, Environnement Jeunesse, were justiciable but that a class action was not the right vehicle.

Kris Hermes
Indigenous leaders led a march against the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. And the Protest Papers suggest CSIS was watching. Photo by Rogue Collective.

Aug. 7, 2019

The “Protest Papers” released by the BC Civil Liberties Association are just the latest chapter in a five-year battle to determine if CSIS and the oil and gas industry are illegally spying on citizens’ groups.

Pip Hinman
A Stop Adani protest in Brisbane. Only system change will bring a safe climate. Photo: Alex Bainbridge

August 2, 2019

We live in a dystopian age. Governments have known since at least the mid-’90s about the potentially devastating impact of human-induced climate change. But for the most part they have either disputed and denied this, or pretended to be responding to scientists’ findings.

Despite overwhelming evidence that the world has already passed certain tipping points, setting off large and unpredictable changes in the climate, why are governments still refusing to act on the scale and pace required? 

Chris Campbell
Drummers against the Trans Mountain project at a previous protest. North Shore News file photo

JULY 30, 2019

A protest that aims to “surround” the Trans Mountain terminal in Burnaby with drummers is set to go this holiday Monday, Aug. 5.

John Feffer
[This is a very interesting article. But you have to persist to get to the part about the GND. - Gene McGuckin]

July 31, 2019

SOURCE Tom Dispatch

Novara Media

This morning Reclaim The Power activists marched through the City of London and occupied a power station site as part of an ongoing week of action linking up climate justice and migrants’ rights campaigns.

See video here:


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