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Dan Edwards watched Fort McMurray, Alberta, turn into the insolvency capital of Canada from a brown brick warehouse on King Street, home to the Wood Buffalo Food Bank.

Gene McGuckin

The children, who rallied in their tens of thousands on Canadian streets two weeks ago, want our current federal election to produce a government with a climate justice plan that will give us a more equitable society and strongly support global efforts to save our civilization and maybe our species. It is somewhat mind-boggling that not one of the four main parties contesting the election has put forward such a plan.

John Kurucz
The protest group Extinction Rebellion closed the Burrard Bridge Monday morning to vehicle traffic and planned to be there all day. Photo Dan Toulgoet

OCTOBER 7, 2019

Vancouver police suggest Monday’s protest will keep the Burrard Bridge closed until midnight

Monday’s protest and closure of the Burrard Bridge won’t be the last.

Jon Milton

Oct. 9, 2019

Montreal-area NDP candidates speak in favour of urban transit and housing proposals central to proposed ‘Green New Deal of the North’

hen the largest demonstration in Canadian history happened, Montreal’s car traffic came to a standstill. It was predictable — hundreds of thousands of people were expected to descend on the downtown that day, conditions that aren’t exactly ripe for the free flow of cars.

David Gray-Donald and Emily Eaton
The coal fired Keephills Power Station in Wabamun, Alberta. Photo by Amber Bracken.

Oct 10, 2019  12 min read

As enthusiasm for a Green New Deal for Canada grows, what type of planning will bring about a just transition to a low-carbon society?

Specifically, we turn to two questions.

First, how can plans for a just transition, from their very beginning, respect the principle of free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous peoples?

Charlie Smith
The Burrard Bridge belonged to pedestrians, not cyclists, on October 7. CHARLIE SMITH

October 8th, 2019

Environmental protesters scored a major coup on October 7 in Vancouver. Their climate demonstration managed to lead all the late-night newscasts.

It’s because the Vancouver chapter of Extinction Rebellion peacefully blocked the Burrard Bridge to traffic all day and evening.

This was the group’s first major direct action in Vancouver and it was part of an “International Week of Rebellion” for the climate in more than 60 cities.

Chloe Rockarts
Photo by Alexis Fawn
 October 1, 2019 
On September 27, workers across the world went out on strike in the largest global climate strike in history, walking out of their classrooms and workplaces to protest government inaction on climate change. This comes following the September 20 ‘School Strike for Climate’, which saw millions of young people and students in over 150 countries walk-out three days before the U.N.’s Climate Summit. 

Alberta’s climate


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