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Dec. 12, 2019

The LNG Canada export plant, under construction on the northern coast of British Columbia, opens in 2025. At full capacity, the plant will produce about four-million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year, a large increase in provincial emissions.

Climate Action Network Canada
The media attends a briefing at the COP25 climate talks congress in Madrid, Spain, Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019. AP Photo / Manu Fernandez

December 15th 2019

Members and allies of Climate Action Network Canada made the following statements at the conclusion of COP25:

Catherine Abreu, Executive Director of Climate Action Network Canada:

“You know something is broken when those demanding climate justice are pushed outside of the climate conference - as hundreds were this week - and those delaying climate action are allowed to stay inside.

Our Time


Today we are celebrating yet another victory for our movement. One of the Green New Deal champions we helped elect in October, MP Peter Julian, just announced he's submitted a motion for a Green New Deal. This motion, M-1, is the first motion filed by any MP elected into the 43rd parliament. This is all thanks to the incredible organizing efforts of young people, who made sure the climate crisis and Green New Deal were top issues in the election.

Chris Hatch
Protests against Canada in Madrid, Spain. Dec. 11, 2019. Photo by Indigenous Climate Action / Allan Lissner

December 13th 2019

Pity the poor staffers assigned to Canada’s negotiating team at COP25, they must be suffering whiplash.

Naomi Bénéteau Goldberg
Media outlets need to stop greenwashing fossil fuel industries

Dec. 13, 2019

While claiming to take the climate crisis seriously, some mainstream publications have become mouthpieces for GNL Québec

In the fall, over 250 media outlets got together and decided it was time to better tackle the biggest story of our time: the climate crisis.

Carl Meyer
Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson at the swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall on Nov. 20, 2019. Photo by Kamara Morozuk

December 11th 2019

Canada’s approach to sustainable development is “uncoordinated and disconnected,” putting at risk a range of goals from climate action to clean drinking water, and weakening Parliament’s ability to hold the government to account.

That’s the conclusion of a new report released Tuesday by Andrew Hayes, interim federal environment and sustainable-development commissioner.

Robyn Allan
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau in Ottawa. Tuesday, March 19, 2019. Photography by The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick

December 10th 2019

Ever since Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced the Liberal Cabinet decision to buy Trans Mountain from Kinder Morgan for $4.5 billion on May 29, 2018, Canadians have been asking “How much will this pipeline end up costing us?”

There are two price tags. First, the cost for the 66-year-old pipeline. And, second, the cost to build the expansion.

Tzeporah Berman
 ‘Less than two months ago, two-thirds of Canadians voted for parties vowing to do more to fight climate change.’ Photograph: David Levene/The Guardian

Alberta’s oil sands produce one of the dirtiest oils on the planet. If the Teck mega mine is approved, the damage to our planet will be colossal

10 Dec 2019

This week, the Canadian government is in Madrid telling the world that climate action is its No 1 priority. When they get home, Justin Trudeau’s newly re-elected government will decide whether to throw more fuel on the fires of climate change by giving the go-ahead to construction of the largest open-pit oil sands mine in Canadian history.

Alex Huntley
Jason Kenney Ottawa Dec. 2019

Dec. 9, 2019

OTTAWA – Police are advising the Canadian public to stay away from an aggressive panhandler from Alberta asking for billions and blocking any forward progress if his demands are not met.

The man is described as white, in his 50s, and is adamant that you owe him and his province something in return.

The Sunday Edition CBC
[Editor: This is a good interview well worth listening to in full.  Monbiot finally declares that capitalism is the problem in dealing with climate change!]


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