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Derrick O'Keefe, Robert Hackett, Shane Gunster

Justin Trudeau's shiny image is losing its luster amid a devastating corruption scandal. With movements pushing their own version of a Green New Deal, it might just be enough to take him down.

George Monbiot
 ‘Catastrophe afflicts people now and, unlike those in the rich world who can still afford to wallow in despair, they are forced to respond in practical ways.’ Photograph: Guillem Sartorio/AFP/Getty Images

No one is coming to save us. Mass civil disobedience is essential to force a political response

Had we put as much effort into preventing environmental catastrophe as we’ve spent on making excuses for inaction, we would have solved it by now. Everywhere I look, I see people engaged in furious attempts to fend off the moral challenge it presents.

Matthew Taylor and Damien Gayle
Extinction Rebellion activists cause disruption across London in climate change protests
15 Apr 2019
Climate group occupies major landmarks in campaign that could last several days
Extinction Rebellion activists cause disruption across London in climate change protests –  see video at link
Climate Defense Project

In UpdatesBy CDP
Climate Defense Project
April 8, 2019
Contact: Kelsey Skaggs, (510) 883-3118;

Piero Bevilacqua, Sharon Lerner, ITUC
Fridays for future

Student Strikes for Climate Justice

ENVIRONMENT  •  March 27, 2019

Murray Reiss


[Arrested on March 23, 2018, Reiss pleaded guilty to criminal contempt of court and was sentenced to 25 hours community service.]


I want to thank you, Your Honour, for allowing this opportunity to explain why I took the action for which I am pleading guilty.


Phil McDuff
 ‘The need to keep the wheels of capitalism well-oiled takes precedence even against a backdrop of fires, floods and hurricanes.’ Photograph: Fire & Rescue NSW/AFP/Getty Images

Policy tweaks won’t do it, we need to throw the kitchen sink at this with a total rethink of our relationship to ownership, work and capital


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