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School strikes
May 19, 2019
Over 1.6 million students across the globe have been striking on Fridays: for the climate, for our future. Here’s 5 ways you can support students going out on strike again on 24 May, and answer their call for real climate action.
Eoin Higgins
Activists in North Dakota confront pipeline construction activities. A Texas bill would impose steep penalties for such protests. (Photo: Speak Freely/ACLU)
May 17, 2019

"This needs to be a nation-wide story."
A bill making its way through the Texas legislature would make protesting pipelines a third-degree felony, the same as attempted murder. 

"It's an anti-protest bill, favoring the fossil fuel industry, favoring corporations over people." — Frankie Orona, executive director of the Society of Native Nations

Richard Greeman
Yellow vests demonstration

May 20, 2019

I am writing you from Montpellier, France, where I am a participant-observer in the Yellow Vest (Gilets jaunes) movement, which is still going strong after six months, despite a dearth of information in the international media.

Leila Deen
New Banksy artwork near Marble Arch, London, 29 April 2019
1 May 2019

Climate activists have always made mistakes, and Extinction Rebellion has too. But passing judgement on their imperfections, isn't activism.
Photo by Robert van Waarden, Survival Media.


The climate crisis is here. Arctic permafrost is melting, forests, towns, and Indigenous territories are burning. States of emergency – declared for once-in-a-century floods – are becoming commonplace, and millions around the world already face dislocation and starvation.

But that’s not the only thing keeping us up at night. Many of us are struggling to find an affordable place to live, or a decent job to support our families. Hate crimes and racism are on the rise. And promise to Indigenous peoples have yet to be implemented.

Chris Turney
Days of protest by Extinction Rebellion have brought parts of London to a standstill. Credit: Shutterstoc

On Wednesday night a bipartisan UK Parliament passed an extraordinary measure: a national declaration of an Environment and Climate Emergency. The UK is the first national government to declare such an emergency. 

Jennifer Nathan

Help Address Climate Change in the Courts


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