BC Hydro Stops Greening the Grid

Hildegard Bechler

Hydro’s incentive program that pays home solar producers for electricity beyond what they need themselves is the cutting edge of climate collapse amelioration.  These rebates have been available for 14 years; Hydro has 1,330 customers; 95% of them installed solar.  Hydro will apply to the BC Utilities Commission to end the part of the program that allows production beyond the owner’s need.  It will continue for those already on that track, but would be unavailable for new applicants. On-site electricity rebate started in the U.S.; such programs are everywhere growing exponentially.  It’s too good, works too well, and threatens their justification for the Site C dam.


It’s called Greening the Grid: thousands of on-site renewable energy producers contributing to the grid stabilize it.  Many sources instead of just one (at a costly, great remove from millions of end-users) stabilize the grid, preventing the massive black-outs we get with centralized systems.

Whoever might one day hook up to a Site C (proposed) dam would have an uncertain future, since the constructors find no solid footing, and the river banks have collapsed several times.  What happens if they build it and it fails?  Who can pay those costs?

And how many thousands would be without power?  For how long?

BC’s two dams on the Peace River, the Bennett and the Peace Canyon, are already drying up the wetlands of the Athabasca Delta, the largest inland freshwater delta, a world heritage site.   Our responsibility is to heal, not add to, this downstream ecocide.


BC Hydro–and the unfamiliar, the shocking, NDP–are stopping the energy decentralization r/evolution the world desperately needs. In concert with the BC and the Trudeau Liberals, they condemn our children to devastation and suffering–in the interests of global capital markets.  Feeding our futures to the one percent.  This is treason.


Now is the time to catch the sun–to invest at home, tell Hydro and the BC Utilities Commission, to keep up the greening and stop Site C.  We want a stable, Green Grid; we want to honour our treaties with Indigenous Nations; we need to establish food security unto the seventh generation.