Canada and a Green New Deal - Upcoming Town Hall

Clayton Thomas-Müller


Today, the House of Commons saw two separate motions calling on Canada to declare a climate change emergency. This is a big deal, since it means many of our politicians are finally waking up to see climate change as what it is -- a global crisis that demands urgent action.

But, actions speak louder than words. If, and likely when, it passes next week, this emergency declaration will still be backed up by a climate plan that misses the Paris targets and puts us on track to exceed 4ºC of global temperature rise.

That’s why a Green New Deal for Canada is so important, because a climate emergency demands an emergency level response. This weekend kicks off more than 150 town halls across the country where people from all walks of life will get together to craft the ambitious climate solutions that we need response.

Will you join in the town halls to help shape the vision for a Green New Deal? Here are all the details for the town hall closest to you:

WHAT: Green New Deal Town Hall in Vancouver
WHERE: The HiVE, Vancouver 
WHEN: Thursday, May 23rd, 18:30 p.m.

RSVP to the event.

This energy to declare a climate emergency didn’t come of out of nowhere. For the past few months student strikes have poured out of classes and into our communities calling for bold action. The Our Time campaign has launched across the country, bringing in thousands of young people committed to winning a Green New Deal for Canada by building a once in a generation voting alliance for climate justice. And, earlier this month, the Pact for a Green New Deal launched, collecting tens of thousand of signatures from people who believe we can, and we must, do more to tackle climate change and inequality.

All of this has pushed our politicians to respond with platforms, pledges to show us their vision of a Green New Deal for Canada and now, climate emergency declarations.

With over 150 town halls confirmed in cities, towns and First Nations, we’re just getting started. If you’ve been waiting for it, this is the moment to get involved. Join a town hall near you.

As a father, I know what’s at stake when it comes to tackling climate change. And I know that the only emergency level response to the climate crisis that works for all people is a Green New Deal.

I'm looking forward to joining the town hall in my community of Winnipeg and I hope you will join the conversation as well.

In Respect and Peace,

Clayton Thomas-Müller

PS - If you are wondering about the road to building and winning Canada's Green New Deal, check out this blog by my colleague Atiya. 

[Editor: See 'Events' for more local town halls on this topic.]