Covid- 19: Coalition calls for government action to protect families and workers

BC Ecosocialists

Join us in calling for a Rent/Mortgage Freeze & Emergency Income Support to Protect Workers and Families

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented action. We, a coalition of the BC EcosocialistsACORN Canada, the Democratic Socialists of Canada, and Courage call on the federal, provincial, and local governments to act now!

We are counting on you, Ann, to forward this message, and to invite any organizations that you are involved with to join us by signing on.

We are calling for all levels of government implement the following measures:

  • An immediate moratorium on evictions and foreclosures.

  • Immediate moratorium on utility and telecommunications shut-offs due to non-payment.

  • Immediate suspension of rent. Any rent that would have been due during the pandemic period must be forgiven.  

  • Immediate suspension of mortgage and property tax payments. Mortgage interest must be frozen during the pandemic period.

  • Emergency subsistence payments sufficient to cover essentials (food, medications, telecommunications) must be made to all people in Canada.

Today, Canada is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions. Millions of Canadians are at risk of losing their livelihoods and housing due to job loss from the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on our economy. Many have already been affected with tens of thousands of layoffs across the country and Employment Insurance claims skyrocketing to ten times their normal level.

Anything less than the full implementation of these demands is a failure of government to uphold its most sacred obligation: the protection of the people in times of great crisis and an abdication of their moral responsibility to ensure Canadians are safe and secure.

We invite all organizations and individuals to sign on.

We sincerely hope that you are keeping well, and keeping your distance from others. 

In solidarity, 

BC Ecosocialists Board of Directors